This ride seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. The WNBR-LA is my most viewed blog post yet, by a wide margin. More photos are rolling in and some are too good not to share. There are all from the “LA World Naked Bike Ride” Facebook page where you will find the original photographer and many many more photos. Photos by Asleep Hernandez . (If you see stars covering anatomical parts, that is an artifact from Facebook.)

World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2017
Not everyone was nude. But everyone was free!
World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2017
Not quite long enough for Lady Godiva

Not everyone was completely naked and that is how it should be. Nobody wants to force that choice on anyone else. We just want to be free to be us.

Women participated. In somewhat smaller numbers than the men but they were still there in abundance. It was nowhere near a stag party.

Free the nipple was one of the many themes that day.

World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2017
Our beloved police escort was having a blast!
Safety first. Tho, he really needs a helmet to get the message across.
Four riders, four issues.

Lessee here, left to right, use more ass and less gas for transportation. Next, in the original, I can barely make out, “WIND NOT MOAB”  demonstrating for wind power instead of a fossil fuel plant near Moab. One guy demonstrating for the ride itself and one for generic freedom.

There were demonstrators there from a wide range of topics. This man was demonstrating for bicycle awareness. Many drivers don’t seem to even notice bicycles exist. Perhaps some creative nudity will get you seen and not run over.

We included all races, genders, ethnicities, and nationalities. Gays and straights alike, but who cares? I didn’t ask or try to guess. They are all just people to me. Wonderful, caring, friendly people.

World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2017
Came here from Puerto Rico for this.


World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2017
Crossing over US 101on the overpass, on our way to downtown.


Everyone has a beautiful body. Some have just seen a bit more wear and tear. The smile tells it all.

Age is a reality we try to deny.. It is however the great equalizer. The rich and the poor both face it and while it is likely that Bill Gates may get a couple more years than I from his wealth, entropy will defeat him as well.

Nudism isn’t just for the young and the beautiful. (I lost those assets a long time ago.) Everyone, regardless of age or weight should love their body and treat it well. One should NEVER feel shame about it.



I don’t remember why we stopped but something sure grabbed our attention.

And the Portland ride is on June 24.  It will have several thousand participants. See y’all next year!