From the blog Brave and Reckless.


Thinking today of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell and Robin Williams and all of those whose lives have been lost to depression and suicide but did not make the headlines or the social media news feeds.   I have walked in your shoes.  I have put my leg over the bridge, stood at the open 13th  story window and considered walking out, have thought I was nothing, thought that others would be better off without me.  Those are the lies depression tells us.  You mattered.  You are missed.

the suicide note

she did not leave

left a faint  imprint

on the wooden table

where they would sit and talk

over cups of milky coffee

the suicide note

she did not leave

rang like silence in his ears

the suicide note

she did not leave

burned itself onto his retinas

he feared the afterimage

was permanent

the suicide note

she did not leave

did not list

13 reasons why

he understood only

that the starless darkness

that she had been

floating in for so very long

had become so thick

so viscous

so acidic

that it had eaten all light

and she could no longer see

how he glowed

whenever she was near

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


I have been close to suicide many times. I have friends and acquaintances who have committed suicide or attempted it. Depression is a terrible battle to fight when you feel alone, but you are NOT alone. Reach out for help. I hope my own blog can help you. 

Depressed again… naturally.


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