Once again I’m going to do the annual Bay to Breakers run/walk/parade and, of course, I’ll be nude. (The very best of all possible costumes!) This post is just some thoughts about what I’ll be expecting. For a detailed description of last year’s event, click here:

Bare to Breakers 2017

There is a semi-almost-not-quite informal Bare to Breakers web page. They used to be quite active but they gave up trying to formally organize the nudies. Very sad, since the number of nude participants has declined. Of course, the total number of participants has declined as well, from 70K to 40K, since the SF Guardian has stopped sponsoring it.

In previous years, I always ended up starting at the rear. This lets me sleep in a little later but has some flaws.

The rear section is for “families”.  (No, I am not bothered by being nude around children. They aren’t bothered either.) But since strollers are forbidden and children get tired quickly, families don’t often go the distance. By the time I get to the finish I’m almost alone. Another factor is that there are events and activities happening along the way.  By the time the rear element gets there, the events are pretty much petered out. The third factor is that one does not get to see much of the parade from the rear.  This year I will be starting out in the very middle of the slower runners and letting it pass me.

SEEDED*: Sub- 6 minutes per mile pace
SUB-SEEDED*: 6-7 minutes per mile pace
CORRAL A: 7-8 minutes per mile pace
CORRAL B: 8-9 minutes per mile pace
CORRAL C:9-10 minutes per mile pace
*Must provide link to race results verifying your pace

CORRAL D: 10-11 minutes per mile pace
CORRAL E: 11-12 minutes per mile pace
CORRAL F: 12+ minutes per mile pace
CORRAL G: Walkers (Undead?)
CORRAL H: Family

I’m starting in corral F. That is a fast walk/slow jog. I know I can keep that pace up for 7 miles but I also know that I can slack off a bit if I need to. I had planned on corral D but my foot injury isn’t going to allow a lot of jogging. The speed police won’t be enforcing anything so when I run out of steam, I’ll just relax. I’m not out to finish quickly, I’m out to enjoy the trip. B2B bib

In a faster corral, I’d probably get run over before the group spreads out.

The last time I couldn’t help but feel the parade was all ahead of me and by the time I got2018-CORRAL MAP somewhere, whatever was going on there was mostly over. This way I’ll be able to watch the show go by starting in the middle and eventually slowing down. One small consideration is that most of the nudies will be starting out with the undead and the families, so I’ll be pretty isolated for a while. (With 200 nudes out of 40K participants, you should not expect to meet lots of like-minded people.) I haven’t jogged naked any distance since I was a young buck, so it should be an interesting experience.

Corral G is only for Walking Dead fans. (That’s a pun, people. Laugh.) From my experience, most of corral H drops out after a couple miles. (Somehow I have always ended up in corral H.) G lasts a bit longer but still thins out.

B2B flyerI registered very early, like minutes after it opened. Still got a bib number of 3956. (Last year it was about 30000.) Must be some kind of pre-registration or maybe reserved numbers for the faster groups. Only small packs that are completely transparent are allowed, so I kept mine from last year. By getting in early I was also able to get my bib number delivered by mail. Otherwise, there is a pre-race “exposition” one has to go to collect it the day before. It is on Fisherman’s Wharf, a fun place to spend a few hours. However, the exposition itself is massively crowded and mostly an excuse to sell stuff.

If you are interested, online registration will close at 11:59 PM on May 17. In-person registration will be available at the Orig3n Health & Wellness Expo at Pier 35 on May 18-19, 2018.


There may be a fair number of people wearing Bare to Breakers hats. (I improvised last18644437_476090372737591_1550366326_n year because I couldn’t find mine.) I highly suggest a hat and broken in shoes with sunscreen optional. You will get hot and sweaty exercising even if the temps never hit 70. About 10 years ago I was in a B2B where it rained. I was warmer nude than those wearing wet clothing

Getting there – BART is obviously the only way to go. There is a major station (Embarcadero) near the corral area. Last year I found there were way too few porta-potties and lines at the start were long so be prepared.  Along the way, it was no problem.

They generally say not to leave the route. However last year there were side events too interesting to skip and the local businesses didn’t seem to object to my custom. Once you cross the finish line there are a bunch of photo booths you can have your picture taken. I discovered a lot of people want their picture taken with that nude dude. Obliging them is up to you. Past the photo area, you really are expected to dress. Then there is “Footstock”, kind of a concert in the park for 10,000 people.

Either have someone pick you up near the finish line or take bus transit back to the start and the BART.

Last year I dilly-dallied and didn’t get to the intersection on time. As a consequence, I didn’t get to the finish line either.

If you don’t want to participate but will be in the area, feel free to cheer us on from the sidelines.

B2B flyer2



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