Take a look at the graph.

Guess what happened on Jun 30.

On June 30 I made all the posts that were NSFW private. These posts had pictures containing genitalia or female nipples. There are still posts out there with some nudity, just nothing the would stir up a Facebook censor bot. There are still posts with “naturist” or “naked” related tags in them.

I guess that we are still a society that still obsesses over reproductive anatomy. Even after I pulled the explicit stuff, what got the most views? The FB safe version of Bare to Breakers 2017. More than all other posts combined.

I guess my definition of a “naturist” must be a rare person. In my little world, being nude is just another fashion choice, no different than a suit, or a blouse and a skirt, or a sari. It has no more sexual implications than any other style of clothing. In fact, some clothing is far more sexual than plain nudity because the purpose is to draw attention to what is concealed. A naked person hides nothing, lacks mystery and doesn’t correct for “less than perfect” components.

It is the prohibition against nudity that makes it forbidden fruit. If a man were surrounded all day by the reality of nudity, I believe his desire to bog down the internet downloading images of unclothed females would fade away. Not because beautiful bodies stop being beautiful but because unclothed bodies start being common. There are a few rare isolated societies where clothing is not a requirement. These folks do not turn breasts and genitalia into a life-consuming fetish.

Being socially (and anti-socially) nude is not my entire life. It is a part. Hiking and nature are parts. Philosophy, science, marriage and children, pets, music, the aging process, and anime are all parts of my life.  Depression and pain are important, so are happiness and pleasure. Memories of auld lang syne as much as plans and hopes for the future. Because I don’t care to focus so closely on one part of my life, it irritates me when other people are only interested in one aspect.

So? No more NSFW pages, at least not until I get the rest of my stuff better developed. Everything will be FB safe for now. A lot less naturist material and more anime, philosophy and nature. If I were doing this simply for the view count, it wouldn’t be any fun.