You are a naturist, but no one from your friends and family knows! You dream of spending days naked, but do not know how to ask your friends! You keep going to the nudist beach all by yourself, while you wish to be accompanied. These are some situations that some naturists live, due to the…

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I have my own thoughts of this in Out of the closet and into the frying pan?

Make these folks about 20 – 30 years older and the picture becomes more accurate. However, nobody gets the raised eyebrow or even the “hates” like an older nudist. I came out in my early 20s after a life in the closet – located where coming out would cause far more problems than it would cure. I had to move 2000 miles before I could “come out”, as it were. If I were coming out of the closet today, it would be far more problematic for a 50-60 year old “me” than it would be for a 20-30 year old “me”.

<SARCASM>You know, we all become ugly and disgusting as we age. </SARCASM>

Everyone loves to look at the young and beautiful. Nobody likes being reminded of what lies in store for them. You can adjust your mind not to think this way. Once you are used to seeing aging bodies there is nothing unlikable about them. You earned every wrinkle, every bump, every scar, every grey hair and even the baldness. It is proof you have survived and perhaps triumphed over life’s vicissitudes. Don’t let it deter you!