You are a naturist, but no one from your friends and family knows! You dream of spending days naked, but do not know how to ask your friends! You keep going to the nudist beach all by yourself, while you wish to be accompanied. These are some situations that some naturists live, due to the…

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I have my own thoughts of this in Out of the closet and into the frying pan?

Make these folks about 20 – 30 years older and the picture becomes more accurate. However, nobody gets the raised eyebrow or even the “hates” like an older nudist. I came out in my early 20s after a life in the closet – located where coming out would cause far more problems than it would cure. I had to move 2000 miles before I could “come out”, as it were. If I were coming out of the closet today, it would be far more problematic for a 50-60 year old “me” than it would be for a 20-30 year old “me”.

<SARCASM>You know, we all become ugly and disgusting as we age. </SARCASM>

Everyone loves to look at the young and beautiful. Nobody likes being reminded of what lies in store for them. You can adjust your mind not to think this way. Once you are used to seeing aging bodies there is nothing unlikable about them. You earned every wrinkle, every bump, every scar, every grey hair and even the baldness. It is proof you have survived and perhaps triumphed over life’s vicissitudes. Don’t let it deter you!

4 thoughts on “Making Your Coming Out as a Naturist — Naked and Happy

  1. The problem with me riding a bike for very long is that I no longer have natural padding where I need it. Unhappily, pants won’t fix this but a woman’s bicycle seat plus an additional gel pad on top might. It is problematic because riding fully clothed is equally painful. This makes even regular biking for general conditioning a poor option for me despite the fact that I have always liked riding in the past..


  2. I don’t care if someone wants to be naked or dressed. I was a nude model in college (very lucrative and kind of inspiring job), also, and have hiked at least partly nude a few times (once leading to the worst case of poison oak in the history of the universe), but I have to tell you that — whenever it was — you participated in a nekkid bike ride in LA then wrote a kind of complaint about the discomfort you suffered, I could only think, “Dude, that’s why God or whoever made pants.” I think (personally) people worry more than they need to about what other people do, think, believe, how they fuck, with whom they fuck, — you get the drift. Let your, uh, freak flag fly. It’s cool that you worked through this and are happy with yourself. I think that’s a great achievement. 🙂

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