Meet Gandolf the Greycat. He is the newest member of our family.

My daughter discovered a litter of feral kittens in her neighbor’s yard. One of them was weak and kind of runty, so of course that was the one she decided to take home. It had an infected eye, as well.

She took the kitten to the vet and got antibiotics. This was strictly off-label since no antibiotic manufacturer had recommended doses for kitten less than 6 weeks old. The kitten had to be nursed with a bottle in the absence of the mother.

Well… fact was she was moving from a house to an apartment. She wouldn’t release the kitten back to its mother, so guess who got it.

A couple weeks later it is completely weaned, all infections are cleared up and the kitten is growing like a weed. Almost doubled its weight in a couple weeks. Did I say completely weaned? Self-trained to the litter box. And now incorporated into our family. He joins 2 people, 2 dogs, another cat and a desert tortoise.


On the long drive from Fairfield, Ca to Santa Clarita, CA



Bath time!



Hercules the tortoise investigates.


Oh, the indignity!


Looking incrediblly cute.


Avery is a very nervous mother to this kitten.

4 thoughts on “Meet Gandolf the Greycat

  1. Gandolf is so adorable. ✨✨✨ It’s so awesome how your daughter nursed the kitten back to good health. Cool name 😎

    Wow, so many pets! A tortoise too… Nice 🙂


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