Vampire Hunter D (吸血鬼ハンターD) is an anime film that originally released in 1985 and is an adaptation of the light novel series by Hideyuki Kikuchi, with illustrations from the esteemed Yoshitaka Amano. Epic/Sony Records, Movic, CBS Sony Group, and Asahi Production produced the film, while Toyoo Ashida directed. This is a cyberpunk, supernatural, horror franchise […]

via Filmi Fridays #2: Vampire Hunter D (1985) – The Quintessential Classic Horror Anime Film — BiblioNyan

VHD was the first anime I ever saw. It was on 16 mm film and projected onto a folding screen at a science fiction convention back in 1980s. I don’t care if anyone thinks the style is old and the art isn’t up to snuff. It is a classic and a damned excellent anime.

No doubt the same Philistines would balk at watching Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times or Bogart in Casablanca until the movie was colorized.

Maybe I missed it but nothing in the movie met my definition of fanservice. None of the scenes struck me as gratuitous.

You see, I am a very lazy blogger at heart and hate to duplicate work that I’ve already seen done really well. This way I don’t have to do my own review and I get to promote one that is really outstanding.