This is an old post but one of my favorites. It has been revised and additional images added. I’ve added a lot more viewers since then so I thought I’d just reblog it. Besides, I’m feeling lazy today.

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I am busy rewatching the entire Monogatari anime series for the third time. I have a not-quite photographic memory for movies and anime so for me to watch something even twice is a rare honor.

This show was not produced in chronological order but I think it is best if you watch it that way.  It goes something like this:

Kizumonogatri consists of 3 one hour movies. It predates season one even though it wasn’t released until season three. Kizu means “pain”. Monogatari means “story”.

The first season consists of Bakemonogatari (ghost story), Nisemonogatari (story about fakes) and Nekomonogatari (cat story). Eps. 13-15 are difficult to find because they were never broadcast. They were ONA, only available on the internet.

That is 30 episodes, 3 chapters, and 8 different story arcs for season one plus three movies that were broadcast in season 3 but belong in season 1. Most anime are lucky to…

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