Lazy again… Here’s an old anime blog I bet most of my followers haven’t seen. For those of you who have, I have added a couple screenshots.

This is my place.

I am insanely depressed right now.

It is 3 am and I am watching anime Kimi ni Todoke.

Where was my Kazehaya? Where was my Yoshida? My Yano? My Takahashi? Or just even a Shino?

I must have missed them, 40+ years ago. Or perhaps people like this don’t really exist. That’s more like it. Nobody saves people like me. I am lucky, I struggled thru to a better place. Nothing nearly as good or as quick as this. Decades later and I’ still treading water, just not as stormy.

I am drunk, married, retired and have two adult children. Why am I crying?

I’m sober now.

Kimi ni Todoke is an anime about a girl named Sawako. At the start, as she enters high school, she is a textbook case of high functioning autism. She is gloomy, lacks any

aaFVYqV Those eyes…

awareness of social cues, even mistaking derision and fear…

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