All spoilers all the time!


This is an E-ticket anime boys and girls. If you remember the wild ride that FLCL was, then you have an idea. The soundtrack sounds especially great. This is FLCL season 2. Or sort of. It does not follow all the same characters.

Hidomi Hibajiri is a hopelessly bored junior high girl. She wanders about wearing headphones that play nothing as a way to isolate herself from the world. Nothing gets her excited, not her cheerful and bubbly knife-wielding mother, nor even when teach has her watch hard-core porn on a laptop in order to grade her sexual response. Pure kuudere, flat and emotionless but without any ice. Her world is about to be rocked.

Julia Jinyu, an extraterrestrial who runs Hidomi over with her classic car and apologizes to Hidomi’s mother that she didn’t kill her daughter. Julia is really here to protect Hidomi. She drives a gorgeous Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible that really converts into almost anything and carries a Fender Jazzmaster bass guitar as her weapon of choice.

Hinae Hibajiri is Hidomi’s mother. She runs a restaurant. She sounds a little crazy but is really struggling to get her daughter to come out of her shell.

Ko Ide has the hots for Hidomi but sees no chance to catch her attention. This is about to change in a spectacular way.

Haruko Haruhara, the girl with the Vespa, is seen only briefly in ep1. but she finishes the episode with a bang. She’s here just to steal Hidomi’s power.



You have to listen to the teacher’s flat rapid-fire delivery of bizarre content to her class to believe it.

The art style is not the same as in the original FLCL but I think it is still pretty darned good. You should take this and the other new FLCL product, season 3 FLCL Alternate as two alternate realities vaguely related to the original, not as one story over 3 seasons. Catch it streaming on Adult Swim online or set your VCRs to record it on Cartoon Network Saturday nights. Only seen one episode and I already think it is well worth it.