How many of you have read any Kafka?

There are two characters in this anime, Woman and Man.

Woman wakes up by herself to realize that something is strange.



Why am I buried in a giant blanket?



Oh shit. I am small…



I am VERY small!



Uh-oh here comes boyfriend. He’s about to step on me! It’s me! Stop!



Unfortunately, from boyfriends POV, this is what he sees squeaking at him.



And it continues from there. I have to admit this is a truly creative take on Metamorphosis. It’s also an extended example of nonsexual nudity in an anime. It’s a great little show and only about 9 minutes long.

It was part of Animator Expo ’06.  Find it on Vimeo:

20 min. Walk From Nishi-Ogikubo Station… No Pets.

Didn’t I say that nice things come in small packages?