Spoilage alert!

A Certain Magical Index 3 is out and I’m up thru ep. 6. I don’t think I’ll watch any more. The show has lost all of its original charm and gotten very dark and confusing. Dark I can deal with. Confusion ruins it. Worse yet the Index hasn’t played any significant roll at all in it.

Sad thing. I loved Index 1 and 2 and I loved Railgun.  I could see things were getting a bit darker but to jump into this mess without any prep is ridiculous.


A better title might be A Certain Magical Confusion, Death and Destruction.

Smoke rising over 5,000 dead soldiers. Vastly more carnage promised later.

It starts out with our hero, Touma,  flying off to France to stop a plot by the Church to use a magical document to mentally enslave all of its followers and eliminate all doubt, all hesitation and to imprint the church’s concept of reality into all the minds of the faithful. This is in prep for an all out war on Academy City and its allies. At least this was easy to follow – even though the Index had nothing to do here.


Somewhat demented left seat of God. Big Baddie of the Document of Constantine Arc.

As soon as that arc is completed, we flash back to Academy City where a bunch of groups, all containing high level espers, vie for control. The different factions all have cryptic names like Group, School, Item, Block, Member, and Dragon. Armies attack and are slaughtered. Massive devastation in the battle areas.


Accelerator used a pistol to show a defeated level 4 the aesthetics of being a villain. It involved much blood. Anti-skill is not involved and Judgement has so far played no role in anything. A few very minor characters now have major roles and we learn more about the other level 5 espers.  Where the hell is the 3rd post powerful esper of them all in this?


Magical Index and Scientific Railgun had charm. This had a confusing battle between multiple internal and external factions with thousands of deaths, probably hundreds of millions of dollars of damage with an unknown and unmentioned number of innocents caught in the crossfire.  Even the good guys show no lack of senseless cruelty. From other spoilers I have read it seems WWIII is next.

Now, about the aesthetics of a super-villain…?

I’ll wait to see if reviews indicate it gets better before I watch any more. Life is too short to waste time on mediocre anime.