Not sure if this qualifies as spoilers…


Working on play revisions.


What can I say about this anime? What can I say about the final episode that won’t spoil it? I love this anime from the deepest part of my anime heart.

Nothing is resolved. Everything is still resolving. None of the various arcs have come to an end. In essence, this is a slice of life anime. This particular slice is rather thick and took 13 episodes to encapsulate.


But then, that is how life works. Life is the sum of many different arcs going on simultaneously. Some are over in a day. Others last your entire life and perhaps beyond through those who survive you. Some are so huge as to overwhelm one while others are subtle and often unnoticed. One arc blends into another and who is to say when one ended and the other began?


Having a fixed ending is really a cheater’s way to abbreviate. We do that because we want our “happily ever after” fix. Or maybe some finality to grieve over. There is no permanent “happy”. The road ahead always has forks to be decided upon. New people to replace the old. Choices that may yet spell disaster or ecstasy or just the banality that is most life. Curves to bring up new vistas. Ruts that are ever so easy to stay trapped in.


I promise. It is just water.


That is why I say that the past is dead. The future is but a dream. There is only now. You can never be anywhere but now. That is what slice of life is about.