The English title is “Laid-back Camp”.

If you read any of my earlier posts about Encouragement of Climb, you’ve already got the vibe of this show down. Cute girls doing cute things in the outdoors, and in this case, it is winter camping. Here the eps are a full 23 minutes instead of 12 or even just 3.

Sort of spoilers follow.

Left to right: Nadeshiko, Chiaki and Aoi

We have three girls in the Outdoors Activities Club, (Nadeshiko Kagamihara, Aoi Inuyama, and Chiaki Oogaki) one girl who joins a little later, (Ena Saitou) and one girl who is already camping solo and initially not interested in joining a group (Rin Shima).

Nadeshiko and Rin are really the two leads. The two meet when Nadeshiko rides her

Ena is on the fence about camping.

bicycle into a rural area on a cold day and is unwilling to ride back. She has forgotten her cell phone and Rin allows her to use hers to call home and to hang out at her camp while she waits. She later convinces Rin to go camping with her, Other times she and the Outdoor Activities Club go camping on their own. Nade is a spark plug while Rin is laid back and contemplative.


The characters are drawn in a more girlish style than you would expect for first years in high school but not nearly as girlish as those in Encouragement. (Those girls looked like elementary schoolers.)  The art is ok with a few especially nice scenes. There is nothing much in the way of fan service unless you get heated up over the obligatory hot springs scene and even that is pretty tame.

Another commonality with Encouragement is the explicit instruction on the finer points of camping, sometimes by Chiaki but most often by a male narrator. I find this to be a good thing. This is an anime I’d want young girls to watch to inspire them to step out and experience the outdoors. Even grownups mess up on the most basic stuff like this.

Sometimes gets a bit didactic but I like this about it. Learning is good!
Instructor Chiaki
That looks cold, even with a down jacket on. Rin needs a windbreaker over it. Leather is best in case you take a spill.

I do have to hand it to Rin. Riding a motorbike is cold work if you don’t have the proper clothing and that sure didn’t look like cold weather motorbiking gear. She is the cute girl doing difficult things here. I’ve also ridden in freezing temperatures and even with leather and thermal undies I was frigid.

I appreciate her desire to be alone. I appreciate the apparent desolation of the places she goes. Other people often detract from the experience.

There are people who see yuri here. Or at least shoujo-ai. I’m not seeing any romantic feelings at all, let alone sexuality.

If you don’t care for the cute girls doing cute things genre, you won’t like it. Myself, it tickles all those paternal instincts. I could totally imagine my own daughter doing this back when she was 15. I definitely give Yuru camp two thumbs up.