Ekoda is bright pink rabbit. Now that is something different.

Episode 3 is a look at Ekoda’s relationship with her world and her sister. It is completely different from the first two. One and two had a similar vibe to them. They were obviously different takes on the subject matter but it wasn’t all that pronounced. This is only three minutes and very fast paced.

Ekoda’s sister. Always vain and full of herself.

The third ep is done in simple bright colors. The people are drawn as animals and Ekoda-chan is always naked.

The naked chat wasn’t as utterly boring but it was still an effort to plow thru it. Once again a young and beautiful voice actress and two old farts who could easily pass for Ekoda’s business customers at the bar whose names she can never remember.

The voice acting and art seem intended for a much younger audience. In fact, I thought this was a flashback to Ekoda’s childhood until I saw this:

I think that may be her boyfriend???

That’s that for this episode. There really wasn’t any kind of plot at all besides Ekoda not really fitting in with the world around her. She often looks on at the strange behavior of others.

They are trying to cheer up the world with their song and dance
Ekoda gets her revenge by feeding her vain sister in her sleep.