Ok. So this is what all the controversy is all about? Meh!

I started spelling the lead’s name Natsu. Then I realized the effect that would have on Lucy and corrected it.


Natsuo is a senior in high school. He has an insane crush on his teacher (Hina) who is 6

Natsuo and Hina

years his senior. It isn’t going to happen. (Well… maybe.) Teacher has touble with with her boyfriend (eventually we learn he’s married)  but explains to him when he tries to console her that it is grownup stuff that “children” shouldn’t be involved with.

Teach is drawn and sounds and acted rather like a high school girl. There ought to have been a more significant gap in emotional maturity between her and her sister (and her and Natsuo) but I’m not seeing it. Bad on the writers – unless they are sayng she is as immature as a high school girl.

Natsuo meets a girl (Rui) at a mixer who is his age. She gets him off to the side and asks him to have sex with her. She wants to find out what the fuss is all about. So they have a one night stand… actually not even that much. More of a quickie.

I… I… I guess so?

She says she’s over it. After this we are strangers. Later on, she maybe isn’t so over it.

He’s not over it. Can’t stop thinking about it.

Then Daddy, whose uselessness is signified by not even having eyes thru his glasses, announces he’s getting married.  Natsuo didn’t have a clue. Oh, and by the way, here she is with her children. Said “children” being the very girl Natsuo had sex with and the very teacher he has the crush on. Daddy rushes out and buys a house so they can all live together.

2019-08-17_17-14-58At this point, the show has gone off the rails for me. You couldn’t have a more contrived situation. Next, Teach comes wandering out of the bath in just a tiny pair of panties. In a family that had lived together for many years, I could easily see that level of casualness and there’d be nothing surprizing and nothing to apologize for. But in a just-now blended family? Get real. Oh, sorry. I forgot there are now guys in the family!

Hina is a drinker. After far too many beers she’s crashed out on the couch, muttering2019-01-26_12-38-51 about her adorable little brother. Natsuo wants to steal a last (and only) goodbye kiss from sleeping beauty before ending his one-sided affair. Sis shows up just as he’s about to make contact. He and sis are surprised and shaken – but in different ways.

And there you have episode one of Domestic Girlfriend.

People who are getting all heated up over this show need to get a clue. Nothing here to see, move along people.

Boy has crush on young attractive teacher. There’s a story that goes back as far as there have been boys and teachers. Girls and teachers, too.

Uh… don’t stand so close to me?

Boy and girls do have sex just to see what it is like. Is there something new about this? Are you saying it doesn’t happen? All high school (and even younger) boys and girls who have sex are in love?

When I was 18 and just out of 12th grade, I went to a summer camp for kids who were considering a career in computer science. That taught us things like BASIC and FORTRAN. I met a girl there who wanted to lose her virginity before she went to college. She wanted to find out what “it” was like. She also considered an intact hymen to be a burden. Neither one of us was in love with the other. It was my first sexual experience with a girl and hers with anyone and we both came out very happy with the deal.

Teacher drinks too much. Nothing new about that. Had a number of teachers over the years who could reliably be counted on to show up to first hour wearing sunglasses and sporting a headache.

So now Hina is collapsed drunk on the couch. Natsuo shakes her but can’t completely wake her up. Instead, she mutters something sweet about ‘lil bro and goes back to sleep. Ok, so let’s break this off forever. Just one kiss before I go. And suddenly we have a contingent of politically correct (and who just wanna be seen as politically correct) people screaming, “RAPE-ISH!”2019-08-17_17-34-21

So, he leans over to kiss her. He is a bit out of line, as she is unable to say no. Despite this, it is a touching rendering of his intent to move on. He’s not fondling her or unbuttoning anything or even leering at or sniffing her. I’m assuming he doesn’t have oral herpes or a cold.

The evil of an action depends on its consequences. Aren’t the consequences of alcoholism far worse than a stolen kiss? The show (so far) treats alcoholism as a joke. Please direct your dismay there instead.

Rui reacts to all this by rolling Hina off the couch. Maybe she thinks the drunken stupor is the greater issue. I also believe she is the tiniest bit jealous. That is assault and battery on a helpless person and really could cause serious harm.

If you want to gripe about rape-ishness, go watch Citrus. Or Perfect Blue. Or any of a horde of formulaic BL anime. And you must absolutely HATE Evangelion. But wait – isn’t that a “classic” about a completely ineffectual male? We can’t hate that! Uh… Shinji masturbates over Asuka’s nude and *apparently* unconscious body, very close the death.

I bet she’d infinitely rather he just kissed her and left. Get real and get a sense of proportion, will you?

Later, a relationship develops between Natsuo and Hina. She has to leave work at that school because of it.  A B.F.D. is generated over the age gap.


How many people would be complaining if an 18 y.o. woman fell for a 24 y.o. man? Probably none. What if she were a first year in college and he a handsome Japanese literature teacher? Not many. So the problematic part is the high school setting and their genders, not the actual relationship itself. Now you could get into a legitimate discussion of teacher ethics and how gender roles play out in our assumptions.

First-year Fred in college, age 19. I’m a basket case. Seriously suicidal and sitting on the window ledge of a 9 story building trying to work up the courage to just lean forward. It didn’t happen. But a few days later I meet a lovely 27-year-old woman who’d returned to college after living on her own since high school. It was love at first sight. The affair literally saved my life and lasted to the end of the school year – when I broke it off.

To this day I wonder if breaking it off was the right thing. We still loved each other but I was feeling overwhelmed. There are those who would say it was wrong from the start.


Things happen. Stolen kisses. Drunken teachers. Teen sex without love. April – June relationships. Life is messy. Problematic stuff happens. Reflecting that reality well is what makes a good anime great. Preaching about it is insulting to the audience.

Not that this is a great anime. I can say that after just 1.5 episodes. It is good alternating with OK. The animation and art are “good enough”. The subject matter may appeal – but if you want to see a great anime on the same subject, I’m going to recommend Kuzu no Honkai. It is a much better representation and doesn’t fly off the rails with impossible coincidence and unlikely nakedness.