It is difficult to talk about a 4-minute anime without spoiling it. So I won’t even try. Spoilers ahead!

I’m starting to feel really sorry for this girl. Her boy friend is an absolute hole.  Totally self-centered. A budding psychopath without empathy, just looking for different girls to score with.

This anime pushed the boundaries a bit with her thinking about all the times a woman says no when she means yes and yes when she means no.


We learn she has always been a loner. She is an introvert who doesn’t understand social conventions. (Oh gosh. My Aspie detector is pinging on this.)

If she was going to have more fun with the others, maybe she would already be with them?

She doesn’t want to die alone. But sleeping with this bastard is worse than lonely. Understanding that, how can she harbor feelings for him? How can she still stick around him despite the direct insults and emotional abuse? Despite being used as a mere receptacle for his plug?

Props to the director Mochizuki Tomomi for his subtle shading of the characters bodies and for taking the risk of making a dark version of Ekoda.

According to MAL this is supposed to be seinen???  It is completely josei.

Episode 4 is the darkest version of Ekoda I’ve seen so far. The previous versions were all done as a rom-com but this one is tragedy with a couple sprinkles of humor.  The after discussion was interesting for a change. The voice actress Chiba Chiemi honestly thought she wasn’t going to be able to handle it. She said it had been a long time since she had felt this way.

The author, Yukari Takinami, indicates that the manga was about her life as a single woman in Tokyo. It seems from this episode like a very sad existence. It feels closer to what might have happened. Ekoda should not be played as a genki.