“We come in peace!” said the strange looking alien to the assembled dignitaries.

Seconds later, the shell (fired from an M1 Abrams hiding over ten miles away) scored a direct hit on the alien’s fragile body, vaporizing it. Space Ambassador Andy never knew what was coming. The UN and State Department delegations didn’t either.

Back  at the USOC bunker a thousand miles away, General Dickwood relaxed in his seat. The greatest threat ever to the wellbeing of the United States of America was eliminated. “Peace my ass! It’s war that makes the world go round. “

100 million miles away, ships of the Intergalactic “Welcome Wagon” Committe slowly began to nudge 10 kilometers of asteroid into a new orbit.

It seems the guy that runs this page downloaded Poser and is intent on learning it. That’s why I am here. In his dreams, he thinks he’ll be able to do some renderings – maybe even a few fantasy illustrations. His eye can see a good image but it remains to be seen if his mind can create one.

Paininting and drawing is a nonstarter because he has crap for motor control. And never in a million years could he afford to hire a model and costumes and lighting setup and maybe even studio time. (If he could, he’d import the resulting image into Photoshop to apply the special effects he wants to do.) Fortunately Poser comes with predefined characters he can play with to see if is something he wants to pursue.

If you don’t hear from him again it is because his wife killed him for spending money on software again.