Episode 1 – There is a pillar of light that causes massive electrical disruption, including frying a lot of electronics. There is a girl who regrets never having confessed to her love. Now she starts seeing his ghost. Things go badly.

Remember that pillar. It and its aftermath are seen in other episodes. It is like a time stamp. Sometimes at the beginning, sometimes in the middle and sometimes near the end. It is a way to keep everything in order. Watch for a quick glimpse of a girl running down the street with a large bag. It is Touka.

Episode 2 – Five years ago the mother of a guy named Jonouchi is killed by a mass murderer. Suddenly he starts seeing the “spider” on a person’s heart. The spider is really the ache caused by regret, remorse, and anxiety caused by memories. He can rid you of the regret by reaching into your breast, pulling it out and eating it. (In fact, Kazuko Suema has her first appearance here as someone bound by regret of something bad she did.) He reminds me a little bit of Imaginator. Other things to watch for are the cop who rousts Jonouchi in an alley and a butterfly girl.

Episode 3 – Misuzu loved a girl names Paneru. (Not in “that” way.) Paneru loved the world and accepted as it was. Paneru ended up dead as the result of a mass murderer. Fast forward 5 years. Misuzu cannot accept this and keeps Paneru alive in her mind. This opens her up to a Maniticore-like guy who plans to eat her. Nagi shows up to try to save her. Boogiepop shows up, delays Nagi, then reappears in front of Misuzu. When Misuzu asks Bobbiepop to take her – she says she is not even worth reaping (Boogs says the same thing to a girl about to kill herself in a VS Imaginator ep.) Misuzu then runs away and throws herself on a patrolling cop. Really bad choice in cops. It goes very very badly for Misuzu.

Also, look for a slobbering boy who is being restrained by cops.

Episode 4 – Yoji is a friendless nerd addicted to dating sims. Soon he is addicted to a new street drug called Type S that makes you feel great and leaves you willing to behave in an inappropriate manner. It also leaves you a slave to your supplier. The source happens to be a man-eating female with a male accomplice. (Where I have I seen that plot before?) You can use both the pillar of light and the slobbering restrained boy as time stamps.

The parallels to BP2019 are really strong here.

Episode 5 – Remember that posessed cop? Massive reveal by exposition. He explains everything to his next victim. Kazuko tries to get info from Nagi and gets a stiff arm for her efforts. So she goes investigating. We get to see butterfly girl taken from hospital by a fake Boogiepop.

Episode 6 – Daddy was killed a while ago. Mother was under intense pressure to make a living. Then, 5 years ago daughter is killed by a mass murderer. (Sound familiar?) Mother is given daughter’s diary.

And that is as far as I am. I have been seriously ill for about a week. I went to work today feeling OK in the morning but by the end of day I felt miserable. Ah well, at least I made some money. So I went home, got undressed and crawled into bed. Soon, I have Avery the dog and Scamp the kitten laying on my right side, Oliver the dog on my left, and our 17-year-old cat “Mr. Cat” curled up and purring on my chest. Animals understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

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BTW, episode 13 of  Boogiepop Phantom is titled Boogiepop and Others. Because of that I refer to the new Boogie as Boogiepop 2019.