I have a twitter account. Very occasionally I’ll look at it, “like” a few things, drop a comment and be gone. It is also what I do for Instagram. Right now, I follow exactly 14 people.  Almost all my tweets are when I post a blog. I try to not to tweet the emotionally “heavy” blogs.

Somehow I have gotten 14 followers. From the graph, it looks like I lost 1 and then went up 4. One is a close personal friend. The rest are mostly blog friends.

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve had 6,466 total “tweet impressions”. What is a tweet impression? Someone had my tweet on their screen. Doesn’t mean they even saw it.

Eighteen profile visits. I think I can figure that one out. But what exactly is an engagement? (I’m already married.) I get that it means any time anyone has clicked or otherwise interacted with a tweet.

So let’s get down into the weeds here. For the last 28 days…

The top tweet was my Domestic na Kanojo blog post. 224 impressions and 21 engagements.  A whopping 9.4% engagement rate. I have no idea what made this tweet so popular. I should bottle it and sell it.

Next in line by engagement percentage was Letter of Rec.: Naturism. 4.2% engagement but only 72 impressions.

If I want to go by impressions, it was a pair of Boogiepop posts, with 223 and 219 impressions but almost no engagement.

Going back to the beginning of the year, the top impression getter was Nude Hike Jedi Canyon, 429 impressions and 7 engagements. Other nudie posts didn’t do nearly so good. What made this one special? Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai got only 59 impressions but had a response rate of 8.5%.

Spooling back to December, the top tweet was a reblog of Bloom into You is the Queer Anime We Needed by Floating into Bliss. Not even my own work and it got 227 and 17 engagements for a decent (by my standards) 7.5% rate. OTOH, My Kara no Kyoukai review got only 60 hits but had 10% engagement.

Most tweeted blog posts got less than 50 views and no engagement.

OK. So if I tweet at someone else who has a lot of followers I’ll get a lot of impressions but probably a low engagement rate. This isn’t an issue so far since I rarely tweet to anyone else.

I don’t know if I have learned anything except that success in Twitter appears to be random or it may just be timing.