Ah! It all comes together. Fast-paced action, loose ends tied up, a philosophical dissertation on the illusion of free will and love triumphs over all! The ending music was beautiful along with the art.

People are starting to evolve all over the city. Imaginator was one such character. Jin was another. The column of light that Echo created as he transmitted himself accelerated the process. Towa Group wants to eliminate all the evolved people (probably so their composite humans are the only ones around) but their representative in this arc, Spooky E, was itself eliminated.

Masaki wants to save Aya. Goes to her apartment and find photos of all the filthy things she has been made to do. It doesn’t matter. I knew it wouldn’t matter to him because it wouldn’t matter to me.

Jin sees Aya’s rose is complete. Now he plans to take Aya’s rose and create a seed that will be planted in everyone in the city. She is allowed to receive a last call from Masaki because Jin really is a good person at heart. He makes one big mistake.

There is a jet flying overhead at the time. Masaki hears it on the phone and sees the jet flying over the “Ladder” tower in the abandoned Paisley amusement park. He’s on his way to rescue his lady love.

At the same time, Kazuo is talking to Kotoe who is recovering in the hospital and gets a hint of where Jin might be. Same bat time, same bat tower. On her way there she tells Touka. Everyone is converging. Does anyone think Boogiepop won’t be on her way?

Masaki arrives and is attacked by a bunch of costumed characters. Boogs arrives, plays some music from the turned-off sound system and saves him from being fully injected with a sedative and takes out all the costumes characters. Explained to him what happened to him. Then heads up to confront Jin so that a certain someone won’t get involved.

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Jin doesn’t stand a chance. Boogiepop has no flower in her heart for him to grab. Aya’s flower is fully developed but is inaccessible because she isn’t human. Jin ends up dangling out a window by one of Boogie’s wires.

Imaginator and Jin simply thought they could end the pain of disconnectedness in mankind. That is a reasonable motivation for idealists who acquire a bit of power. They didn’t understand the nature of the power they had acquired. Boogiepop knew that you can “fix” a heart but the heart will continue to change. Their power was temporary and posed no real threat. Even Towa Group is not inevitably the enemy to Boogiepop.

Female Imaginator pops over to Masaki and says that her life was useless and is over but as long as there are strong people like him, there is always a chance things will work out someday. And then evaporates into petals blown by the wind. Masaki then wakes up again with his head in Aya’s lap, his sister next to him and Kazuo wondering how she missed out on solving the mystery again.

Boogie herself is a product of Touka’s evolution. Nagi is potentially another evolved human. Other evolved humans and other composite humans are included in the Boogie legacy. Their origins lay much earlier in the series. Boogiepop at Dawn was a lite novel that explained much of which was hinted at in Boogiepop Phantom and Boogiepop and Others. Phantom is the original 2000 anime which I now understand takes place concurrently and a month after Others as more and more people start to evolve. It contains quite a few flashbacks to Dawn.

And by some miracle of fate, 4 episodes of Boogiepop at Dawn shows up on my Crunchyroll feed! BaD is incredibly central to understanding the whole series. The art looks outstanding so far and I am salivating!