The final arc of the season is here. This is the first show. The art was good. Many secrets were revealed. A lot of this was also revealed in flashbacks in Boogiepop Phantom but the image quality is terrible and the pieces are scattered all over the place.

Spoilers, spoilers, over the bounding main!

First, we step forward into another world, one that is disintegrating. Boogiepop meets a reassembled Echoes in this distant reality. Echoes can now speak fluently. They strike up a conversation. Boogie tells him his/her origin story as well as Nagi’s.

And that could reasonably be the entire review for the entire arc.

Dawn of Boogiepop is set roughly 5 years before the events of Boogiepop Phantom and Boogiepop and Others. We have new characters and old ones with a different look.



She tells a tale of long ago about the ripple effects of the actions of a composite human known as Scarecrow.


Let’s spin back in time. The Towa Group is in the business of stopping evolution by killing off evolved people. Instead of Spooky E, we have a rather amiable killer. His name is Shinpei Kuroda, aka Scarecrow and his cover is a private detective.


Scarecrow’s job is to investigate and eliminate people who have evolved.


Scarecrows assistant Pigeon. She’s in love with him.


Scarecrow has to investigate another Towa agent for signs of betrayal. Then he happens to meet an incredibly adoreable Nagi Kirima at the hospital the agent funds. She would be about twelve. She is sick… with evolution. In Phantom it is said that her body growth had tremendously accelerated and that had it not stopped she would have died or turned into a monster.



They fall for each other. Nothing creepy. A girl crush on an older guy and he feels protective


A much younger Naoko Kamikishiro, a friend of Nagi’s.


Scarecrow steals a drug for Nagi.


Scarecrow is now pursued by Masanori Sasaki, code named Mo Murder.


Seiichi Kirima, killed by Mo Murder because of corespondence with evolved people.


Mo Murder and Scarecrow battle it out at Nagi’s bedside.

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Boogiepop’s first appearance is Scarecrow’s last.




But… in the scuffle, the drug was left behind. Dr. Makiko Kisugi wonders…