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Ok, so the Imaginator arc wrapped. Then the Dawn of Boogiepop wrapped. Nagi is a genuine superhero on par with Batman, taking out an evolved mass murdering psychiatrist, (the Fear Ghoul) all by herself. And at a tender age no less. Kazuko – who was next on the list of strong girls to be murdered just to taste their fear – was saved.

Can you see the meaning inside yourself?
Can you see the meaning in your darkness?
Oh where are you now? Have you gone away?
Here now is it just a look-a-like?

All of the world is slowly changing
In a way, I cannot see from here
Kinō mita yume de wa dare ka ni yobarete ita
Furimuke ba soko ni wa kie mo sezuisuwatta maboroshi

Can you see the meaning inside yourself?
Fui ni warai kieta koe
Naze ni deai naze wakare sono imi mo shirazu
So can you see the meaning in your darkness?
Kurikaeshi utsuru kage
Nani mo nai sono naka o nani ka o sagashiarukitsuzukeru

So have you thought about what truth means in this world?
Is the “truth” enough for you to believe?
All of the world is slowly changing
In a way I can not catch up with

Day by day we’re losing our own shadows
Te ni ireta mono de sae
Te no naka de kawaru no da to kizuite shimatta
So day by day we’re losing proof we are here
Irozuita kono kiri wa
Sekai to nanotte mada shikai no subete o ōtte iru

Nani mo nani mo mienai soko ni
Itsu mo itsu mo aru hazu no mono
Hikari to kage yume to utsutsu no hazama de odoru
Watakushi wa doko ni iru? sā

Can you see the meaning inside yourself?
Fui ni warai kieta koe
Naze ni deai naze wakare sono imi mo shirazu
So can you see the meaning in your darkness?



I still love the OP for the show but they ought to have updated it. The villain who features in it is long gone.  Keep the naked swimming kiss. It really hits me in the feels in many different ways.

Why do I have the feelling the studio didn’t have a clear plan for the anime?

Spoilers of fortune ahead!

But now we have the King of Distortion arc, thru the 2nd episode now. It is homecoming week. All those characters from the Manticore arc are back. There’s Keiji Takeda, (Touka’s bf) Shirou, Nei, (aka hair clip girl) and of course Touka/Boogie and Nagi. Kazuko hasn’t showed up yet.

We have Kyouichirou Teratsuki who is an architect. He designs strange buildings.  One

What caused his creation?

was the octagonal hospital housing Nagi in Dawn of Boogiepop. This guy is a synthetic human that was being investigated by Scarecrow. Eventually, Towa group had him eliminated but it appears that he may have some kind of presence remaining.  Is he reborn, perhaps triggered by people’s desires? Or never really died?

As a synthetic, he couldn’t have children but had a lot of affairs with women who had other lovers at the same time. This way he could appear to have fathered children.  When they got pregnant he paid the women hush money about their affairs with him. One of them is Shizuka Hashizaka who appears in this arc.

The King of Distortion is a being who enters your mind when you are vulnerable. He takes the form of whoever is closely tied to your past regrets. He then talks to you about them and there is a vague allusion to changing the pain in your heart to gold. His preferred form when he isn’t working appears to be that of Kyouichirou. Coupled with his weird last building, I’m thinking it is some kind of preserved version of his consciousness.

Shizuka Hashizaka and her son,
Kentarou and Shirou. Shirou still mourns the los of his love, Naoko

Kentarou Habara is a new addition. In the past, he was saved by Nagi from being arrested for hacking into the accounts of “grey” businesses. He developed an immediate crush on her. (My God, who wouldn’t?) Ever since he has been helping her with her cases but she prevents him from getting too close.

She’s a real dream girl here…

The late Kyouichirou Teratsuki had designed a very strange building called the “Moon Temple”, aka Teratsuki’s Folly. It is twisted into a corkscrew and there is just one floor that gradually wraps around. It was built posthumously.


On opening day there is a huge crowd waiting to explore it. Most of our main characters are part of the crowd. We see this first from Takeda-kun’s point of view.

Takeda was wanting to see Boogiepop. He is as enamored of BP as he is of its alterego, Touka. In his daydream, he’s in an eatery hiding from the rain and waiting for Touka. They are going to tour the Moon Temple together. Boogie shows up, explaining that he can see her/him/it anytime he wants. Boogs smiles at him winsomely and laughs a little. He immediately knows that it isn’t the Boogs because Boogiepop wa Warawanai (English is Boogiepop Doesn’t Smile). So KoD goes on his way to his next deception.

Nei is also caught in the rain. She jumps into the eatery and sees Takeda-kun alone. For some reason, she is terribly embarrassed to see him and runs back outside and on to the line for the Temple. (There could be jealousy over him choosing Touka over her but I thought she was over that and they were now friends.)

Touka is already in line and waiting to get in, leading me to think the entire text conversation with Touka was part of his dream. Just as Nei shows up, Touka turns into2019-03-10_19-02-12 Boogiepop and runs into the Temple with Nei close behind.

This is interesting. In the original Boogiepop Phantom, Touka carried a Spaulding bag around all the time with the Boogiepop costume in it. Here she simply transforms – almost too quickly to notice.

A girl in line named Sakiko Michimoto notices Nei. Her bf noticed Boogiepop as well and thinks it is some kind of cosplay but she peremptorily shuts him down, denying Boogiepop involvement. Sakiko has some bad vibes about the building but goes in anyhow. Soon after getting inside they split up, with her walking the sloped floor upward and him taking the elevator to the top. She is in a really foul mood.

And then she sees Boogiepop and gives chase.

Back to Nei. Suddenly there is loud drum music. The scene starts to waver. Huge doors slam shut, trapping everyone inside. Kind of looks like fog near the ceiling? All Nei can hear is music. (reminded me a little of Led Zeppelin’s classic: Kashmir.) And instead of people, now she is surrounded by undressed white mannequins. After that, she is back at school talking to Masami Saotome, a boy she knows to be dead. (Manticore arc.)

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It isn’t just her. Lo and behold, everyone in the building is in a dream state. Memories of the past, of regrets and failures and missteps. Only now they have a chance to rewrite those lingering distortions in their hearts.

As usual, the timeline is a bit confusing. Most of the first two episodes are dreams of people who have fallen under KoD’s spell. The dreams are memories of the past, meeting the one person you most want to meet, and they are mostly happening in parallel with each other and cutting back and forth between different people’s dreams. I haven’t really spoiled anything fun, just set up the background. There is something almost Shakespearean here:

To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.

What exactly is the KoD offering? There is something in common with Imagintator here. We are being offered surcease from the pain in our hearts. Instead of our inner flower being fixed, it is the error of our past being mitigated. We are taken back in time to things we remember and presented with the one person we wanted to see. We might see through the deception. Takeda-kun saw thru his dream almost immediately.

Even the security guard slips into a dream. The dream seems able to handle his walkie-talkie and use his voice.


I don’t know if I’d want to. Who knows how much he is offering? Telling my never-to-be love of my high school years how much I loved her, desired her and wanted to have a future together? Or having the Air Force fiance who walked away from me be willing to follow thru instead? Rewriting my mental collapse in high school that doomed my dream of being a scientist? Choosing the adventurous life I could have led – except I foolishly clung to a need for security? Maybe correcting my worst childrearing mistakes? Things that still bring me to tears and make me despair of being happy, even decades later. Those are dreams that might be worth giving up my “normal” life for a chance to live in.

I have a lifetime collection of distortions and irredeemable pain. I’m not sure where I’d start – but I’d keep him very busy.

But we still do not know what the price would be or what he means by “turning the distortion into gold”.

You’ll just have to watch to find out how how Godzilla got involved.