It is that springtime of the year when I can’t wait to get the clothes off in a beautiful outdoor environment. Usually, I prefer to be as far away from the madding crowd as possible but in keeping with the spirit of my recent World Naked Bike Ride post, here’s another event for all you runners out there.

And it was very soon after my birthday…

Again, I usually avoid camps and resorts like the plague. Not a big fan of rules and use fees but this one is an exception. Who doesn’t want to at least watch a naked beer run, if not participate? It is worth $20 to get in and $10 for the race.

The Naked Beer Mile is held at Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, CA  as a kind of humorous send-up of their annual Nude 5K Run.  You don’t even need to run. After a couple of beers, you may not want to.

The Bare Burro Nude 5K is another event being held that weekend.

For more information go here to Raceplace to reserve a spot and some beer.

Added some months later…

FYI, first you get naked. Duh!

Just before the run you drink a beer. IIRC they had a light beer available and sodas for teetotalers. Or you could BYO. I made sure to start with an empty stomach to maximize my capacity. (LOL!)

You run a quarter mile and drink another beer. Repeat process three more times.

Male to female ratio was probably three to one. Some participants were built like athletes but most were ordinary Joes and Janes.

For all my many miles of walking, actually running (as opposed to a slow jog) in the nude is something I hadn’t done since my 20s when there were still reasonably safe nude beaches in the LA area one could run on. Running nude causes a lot of side to side flopping. The harder you run, the harder it flops. Looks silly and feels strange until you get used to it but there is definitely no pain involved. Our paleolithic ancestors on the Serengeti Plains had no problems with it.

Well, I made it! Admittedly I was sloshing around inside more than a bit. Even with a short rest between quarter miles, 48 ounces of beer occupies a bit of volume.

By lap 4 I was on the rubbery side. I stepped off the course a bit and into a gulley and went down. No harm done to anything but my pride so I got up and completed the run.

Needless to say, the restrooms were quite busy for a while afterward.

The next day was the Bare Burro Nude 5K. I gave it some serious consideration but other family events militated against participation. If it weren’t a two-hour drive for me to get to Olive Dell – under the best of conditions – I might have tried it.