I’m sorry. I can’t cough up a lot of enthusiasm for anime right now. There just isn’t a lot that is all that exciting.

I’m about to start Liz and the Blue Bird. I am hoping it is better than the earlier Euphonium series. As much as I wanted to like them, they felt flat (pun there) and I didn’t complete them.

Fairy Tail Season 9 has been fun. Not great art but fun. We see backstory on Mavis and Zeref. Lots of fan service. Fun service? Here are my favorite screenshots so far;


That is some nice fan service. It is just more of the same Fairy Tail.

Kino’s Journey (2003) is a darker version. As Kino says:




The autorad is a snarkier version and has tried to convince Kino several times to settle down or go back home. Less effort is made to explain the details of what is going on. One scene for comparison: Kino is loading his revolver up for the showdown in the arena. In the 2003 version she is just doing it and the focus is on her discussion with her autorad. In 2017 we hear she is doing something fancy (and a little dangerous) with her powder load for her revolver for more power behind the bullet.

Which brings me to a point, that is a single action percussion revolver she’s loading. Talk 2019-04-23_18-09-30about old West! That gun would have been antique – even in the heyday of the American gunslinger.

The “Cannon” is a Colt 1851 Navy London Model in .44 caliber. (Normally it would be in .36 caliber.) She is shown loading a chamber with “liquid gunpowder” (whatever that is) for a very special shot. That load is so powerful she has to use the pistol’s loading lever as an auxilary handle to control it.

Why not a more powerful, modern, reliable, and accurate handgun? It isn’t that more modern technology isn’t available. Her backup gun is a .22 autoloader, a Colt Woodsman, not available until 1915.

Perhaps that old gun has sentimental value for her.

One humorous moment was when the guard at the Colusseum city thought she was a little boy. When I watch the 2017 version I had this confusion for the first couple episodes. For some backstory on Kino, there is also the 2005 movie, that is IF you can find it.

I am slowly plowing thru March Comes in Like a Lion. Exciting it is not. And I just can’t spool up enthusiasm for the protagonist. They need to put some excitement into the games.

On deck are Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kono Oto Tomare!, Morose Mononokean, and My Roommate is a Cat. I am still holding my breath for Attack on Titan.

On the other hand, watching #American Gods on Showtime, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, has been nothing but a treat.

Mr Wednesday, one of the old gods, has gotten tired of being unimportant. He eaks a indexliving out as a showman and a con artist. He longs for the good old days when people worshipped and made sacrifices. So he goes forth to collect the other surviving gods to wage war against the new gods, represented principally by Techno Boy and Media as led by Mr. World. It isn’t explicitly stated but I believe that Mr. World is the God of Secular Humanism.

Ironic isn’t it? Humans need something to worship even if it is just themselves.

American Gods 1
Shadow and Mad Sweeney the leprechaun beat on each other.

Not every god wants to go to war. Many of the old gods have adapted and evolved.  Technology and media have seduced them and allow them to spread their message. Thus they remain supplied with followers but only under the firm control of the new gods. For example, Oester continues on as a sidekick of Jesus who is able to maintain followers only because Media (in turn under the control of Mr. World) allows it.

mr world
Mr. World

Along the way, Mr. Wednesday manipulates a lost man, Shadow Moon, into becoming his accomplice along with an indebted leprechaun. Shadow’s dead (and unfaithful) wife ends up a zombie, powered by a lucky coin. They also encounter a heretical djin and his gay human lover. Together they prepare for war and we get to explore their backstories. A fair amount of exposed flesh, mostly above the waist and mixed in with occasional hot, steamy sex.

I love this show.



A second show I have been watching is The Magicians on Syfy Channel. Not quite as good as American Gods but still pretty good. It is a story about the adventures of a band of magician-students and the supposedly imaginary land of Fillory. This is based on the novel of the same name by Lev Grossman

Think of Fillory as a twisted and perverse Narnia. There’s no Aslan around but the place is run by an insanely powerful, malicious and evil man who was a childhood victim of the pedophile who wrote the Fillory books. This story is brimming with psychopaths and sociopaths.


Quentin Coldwater, the one who loved and believed in Fillory, is the protagonist. He’s a dork.and not very social and has adequate magic skills.

The female protag is Alice Quin. She is a magical genius with long almost-platinum blonde hair and a bust that would fit right in any anime. Together they and the rest of the gang attend Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. There’s lots of sex of various combinations but the visuals are kept strictly PG.

One of the best things I like about this show is that it is an ensemble. Q and A may be the leads but every character eventually gets almost equal air time and even some of the minor characters get well developed along the way.

Fourth season just ended and season five has been approved.

That, and waiting for Avenger’s End Game, is what I’ve been doing.