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Exactly the same things were said of my generation. And now it is my generation saying it. Human nature doesn’t change, just the environment those humans interact with. Most of us do not accept change well as we age. The longing for the security of the good old days trips us up and a combination of nostalgia, euphoric recall and outright fear of what those whipper snappers might be up to, misleads us.

Letting go of the past is insanely difficult. Accepting the “new normal” feels like a repudiation of our own lives gone by. Everything you worked for and lived by is gone. The values you held dear no longer hold sway.

If you insist on passing judgment on a person, one ought to judge them in the context of the world they grew up in. That applies as much to old farts like me and millennials as it does to philosophers of ancient Greece or the founders of the US. It applies to the people as individuals and not as members of some arbitrary birth group.

The question is not whether one lives up to the expectations of the latest 21st-century ideologies or the values of days gone by but whether one tried to take a step forward to a better world, regardless of when and where you were born.

A letter to the editor.

“Older generations have been pissing on younger generations since the beginning of time, but this pissing and moaning does nothing but prove that one has officially arrived to the class of older generation.”

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