Demon Slayer is one of the current crop of spring anime. There are currently 8 episodes up.

The first three episodes didn’t get me excited. Then something about episode 4 changed my mind. Maybe it was because we’d got past the simplistic shounen “boy with a tragic history trains hard to become a superhero” trope. Now it is on my weekly watch list.

There are problems of course. The sister has become less than a sidekick. Yeah, she’s a demon, but she’s not an evil one. (That’s the first big plot twist.) What’s up with that strange muzzle? Like she couldn’t pull that off in a heartbeat.  She’s already shown her resistance to eating people plus she’s under post-hypnotic suggestion to protect humans. What is the point other than to affix a stigma, a kind of scarlet letter?

Oh… and she simply slept thru a couple years while brother trained. Then suddenly she’s awake and ready to travel. Spends her days inside a box that looks much too small for her.

Having that thing shoved in her mouth 24/7/365 must hurt. It makes her seem like a dangerous animal. All the demons can talk, so why not her? Mute and muzzled… I’m not feeling any love for how they treat her and brother isn’t bothered by it. I haven’t been able to develop a lot of feeling for him.

IMHO, the animation of the action scenes is good. When nobody is fighting, it loses something. I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it is the CGI.

Once he is done with his training, the plot twists are interesting enough. He is obviously some kind of Golden Boy or Chosen One but they keep it interesting. The next episode isn’t so easy to predict. A lot of threads from early on that are kind of held in suspension. I’m semi-confident they will be picked up later on. I’m hoping they are planning on more than 12 episodes or it will seem rushed.

The very best thing about this show is the color. It jumps out and screams. No pastel wash with a spot of color for accent. The colors are vibrant. Bright primaries. Lavenders and turquoise, pink and brown, and orange. It gives me colorgasms to watch. It is worth watching for that alone.