Anime… hmmm.

“Kono Oto Tomare” quickly became boring. I was hoping for lovely music and got tropes, predictability, and boredom. Four episodes in I pulled the plug. Sorry if you were fans.

AOT continues to amaze. I am gobsmacked. Thunderstruck. Oh… my… God! But why do some people emerge from a titan fully clothed and others with just their pants on? I don’t understand why they’d have any clothes at all.

I’ve started Shikabame Hime. So far so good. After 4 episodes not great, just good.

Fairy Tail has got pretty wild. Dead characters, out of commission characters, hopeless battles. Zeref and the most potent mages remain as one of them squares off against… her daughter, Erza.

But that’s not this review. It is about something else. Something very old. Ancient even. An anime from before all the tropes were established. An anime that’s as much American Western as Japanese tradition. The grandaddy of them all.

Vampire Hunter D.

Vampire Hunter D (9)
“Just call me ‘D’, Ma’am.” He rides in from a desert, image distorted by the heat rippling off the ground. He is both feared for his power, hated for his mixed blood ancestry, and desired for his skills as a killer. The power to slay a Noble vampire.

Released in 1985. With Kaneto Shiozawa, Michie Tomizawa, Seizô Katô, and Satoko Kifuji in voice roles. I popped my anime cherry watching this with my future wife at LosCon back in 1987, a 16mm film projected onto a small screen in a large room. It impressed the shit out of me and I pursued “Japanimation”, as it was called then, ever since.

It was the first anime movie to achieve theatrical release in the US.

The movie is loosely based on the manga, Vampire Hunter D: Demon Deathchase. Very loosely. In 1999 or thereabouts there was a nuclear war. The eldest vampires (the Nobility)  saw it coming and stockpiled everything civilization would need to start again. After the war only they, some scattered humans, and a small number of other supernatural creatures survived. The Vampires rebuilt the world so that they would rule. A synthetic blood substitute was developed but some vampires still preferred human blood.

Areas were divided between them and for 10,000 years they ruled. There was a revolution but in remote areas, some remained. Those very powerful creatures often grew bored and wanted to play with their food. Vampire hunters set out to deal with them but only the most powerful can hope to survive.

D is the offspring of “Our Sacred Ancestor” and the “Fair Mina”. From that, it is not

Vampire Hunter D (76)
Our Sacred Ancestor.

difficult to speculate on his parentage. He refuses to go by his real name, not an uncommon trope in spaghetti western. And if you are familiar with that genre you will see many other commonalities.

A sequel to VHD, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, was released in 2000. It achieved great critical and popular acclaim by staying close to the style of the original but using advanced techniques. In 2018 the first draft for another movie in the series, Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection, was completed. I don’t have a clue when we’ll actually see it. There is supposed to be a fair amount of CGI in it.

If you haven’t watched Vampire Hunter D, you have missed the most important horror anime ever made. Possibly the most important anime, period. For its time the animation was very good, even if not at the level of a Disney flick. OTOH Disney could never have pursued this creation.

There is real evil afoot. Beloved animals get their throats ripped out. A not-so-subtle tweak of mixed heritage racism. Sympathetic characters die. Naked ladies with their boobs out to see. Look at those screenshots. It is dark and yet colorful. Lines are crisp. The creativity, design, and layout are great.  This movie is worth worshipping as Our Sacred Ancestor.

Now if only a major anime provider would pick it up again. Amazon says it is no longer available and their contract no longer allows them to sell it.

Usual spoiler warning!

Dramatis Personae

The “dhampire”, a human-vampire mix: Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D (1)
Supposedly has an unearthly beauty about him. He is usually concealed by cloak and hat.

Doris Lang

Vampire Hunter D (4).png
Doris Lang is unrelated to Lana. She is alone, a strong woman managing a ranch and raising a young brother in a harsh land. Daddy was a werewolf hunter killed by a vampire. A passionate and lovely maiden willing to do what needs to be done to survive.

Dan Lang

Vampire Hunter D (14)
In perfect shounen style, there is also a boy, a boy with an intrepid heart. He will protect his older sister, whatever the cost.

Frontier town: Ransylva (Remind you of an area in Romania?)

Then there is the Town. There’s always a town. Some good people. Some bad people. More cowardly than brave.

Count Magnus Lee

Vampire Hunter D (7)
And the bad guy. He’s the bossman rancher hogging the resources. Sending forth his minions to kill the homesteaders, steal the water, and demand fealty and tribute. And he’s got an eye for our heroine.  Oops… no, he’s a ten thousand year old Vampire.  Otherwise, not much different.

Greco Rohman

Vampire Hunter D (16)
The mayor’s good fer nuttin’ low down skunk of a son. Has a terrible pun for a name and lusts for Doris.

Larmica Lee

Vampire Hunter D (25)
The Count’s snooty and arrogant daughter.


Vampire Hunter D (26)
The Count’s hired gun and right-hand mutant-man.

The Left Hand of D

Vampire Hunter D (23)
Rather like a cross between Miroku’s left hand and the Addams Family thing. He really sucks.

 On with the show!

Our heroine is out chasing down monsters. It is the usual sort of thing one does while running a ranch. But this time is different. These guys are in the big leagues.

Vampire Hunter D (2)
Popping off your typical blah-blah monsters.
Vampire Hunter D (3)
First, a monster grabs her horse.
Vampire Hunter D (5)
Then a giant werewolf carries it off. But not before delicately removing the cross from her neck.
Vampire Hunter D (6)
The Count makes his appearance “Oh c’mon. I just want a nibble!”
Vampire Hunter D (10)
She needs a slayer. One happens to ride into town. She goes after him with a whip. He shrugs off her attacks. Yup. He’s the one.
Vampire Hunter D (18)
A trip into town. Greco’s hands want to go a-roamin’. She declines.
Vampire Hunter D (20)
Since Doris has been dined upon, the doctor, the mayor and the sheriff decide her fate. D prevails upon them to let her go.
Vampire Hunter D (24)
In the dark of night, they ride to take Doris to the Count. D kicks their asses and sends them back with a refusal.
Vampire Hunter D (27).png
The Count is not happy.
Vampire Hunter D (28)
Larmica doesn’t appreciate Rei-Ginsei touching her.
Vampire Hunter D (29)
The Count’s welcome wagon.

Vampire Hunter D (31)

Vampire Hunter D (34)

Vampire Hunter D (35)
Several other members of the Count’s entourage
Vampire Hunter D (37)
Guests who overstayed their welcome.
Vampire Hunter D (41)
Vampire Hunter D (46)
The Count gloating.
Vampire Hunter D (50)
The daughter does NOT like Daddy’s latest toy.
Vampire Hunter D (51)
Inuyasha’s Miroku just has a cheap knock-off. This one has smarts.
Vampire Hunter D (53)
More welcome wagon members.
Vampire Hunter D (55)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Vampire Hunter D (56)
Oh shit. That idiot brother of yours got himself captured.
Vampire Hunter D (62)
Blinded by the light! Lit up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

D may be in trouble but here’s a helping hand to save him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Doris is nice! Love those shower scenes.

Has somebody had too much to drink? Sounds like he has an orgasm. Just joking… It is funny in slow motion.

Vampire Hunter D (70)
Wedding guests.
Vampire Hunter D (71)
The happy bride. Why would a vampire need a wedding?
Vampire Hunter D (74)
I forgot the ring!
Vampire Hunter D (81)
And Shane… er… D rides into the sunset.

And here is hoping Resurrection happens soon!