That’s Latin for the end of springtime. Summer is here and the spring anime are finishing up. Spoilers ahead!!! 

Male isekai protagonists are all the same. Tanya straightens them out.

Isekai Quartet was great. A humorous combination of four different isekai anime, Konsuba, ReLIFE, Overlord, and Tanya the Evil. They’ve been transported to a strange world where they have finally learned to cooperate. But wait… there are transfer students coming in! And we are set for season two.

Not bad for a guy with broken ribs and a broken leg.

Demon Slayer was doing pretty well until the introduction of Zenitsu in episode 12. His incompetence, emotional overload, and cowardice really threatened the show, despite a lightning attack released after he took a nap. And then he fell back into his trope. Then in ep 13 he redeemed himself somewhat, protecting the sister box from a very pig-headed demon slayer who was also introduced the last ep. Tanjorou is NOT amused.

Great season, boring ep.

Attack on Titan was giving me tremendous action and feels right up to ep. 58, where they slowed things down to explain the history of everything. I ended up more confused than informed. It doesn’t stop it from being the best anime offering of the spring.

Ep 59 was great, but we are left with so many questions! Did they suffer and sacrifice so much only to face future attempts at obliteration? What happened to the armored titan? The ape titan? It seemed like we never saw all nine “great titans”.  Annie is still encased in stone. Eren’s function as the “Coordinate” hasn’t been revealed. I feel so sad about Hange’s eye. I still want to marry Mikasa. (Or maybe Historia, if she’s not available.)


An entire new anime is called for, not just another season. I don’t want to have to wait until 2020!

Erza could be useful for planetary defense against meteors.

Fairy Tail approaches the climactic season 3 episode 51. The Scarlet Despair was almost defeated by Erza and Wendy. Not quite. A barely functional Mom moves in for the kill but can’t do it. She loves her daughter after all and kills herself instead. (If you couldn’t see this coming from a mile away, you don’t understand Fairy Tail.) Turns out all Natsu had to do was to decide to become a human rather than a demon or a dragon and that solved his existential crisis. Now it is on to August, Zeref, and Acnologia.

Fairy Tail has always been one of my all-time favorite shounen and the final season has not disappointed.

A 2009 entry in the yuri genre. It has inspired and been copied by other yuri entries..

On deck..well there’s Aoi Hana, which I am just finishing up. At the same time, I am getting into Wandering Son. I have to watch the Netflix Evangelion. There’s a bunch of stuff I DNF’d I may pick up again.

It is a time of year that is neither here nor there so I’m neither this way nor that.