I had no idea my posting frequency had increased so much.

I find the analysis of blogging statistics to be entertaining. Especially when they are counterintuitive.

This is the record of the top number of views over the last week and the most common search terms.

Previous week’s stats.

This tells me a couple things. Almost all my views and all my search terms have to do with nudity. Jon’s Creator Showcase finally topped Get Naked, Go Hiking this week with 36 views.

JCS is a recent post with a lot of people attached to the JCS concept. I have so far received 23 submissions. It is going to be a nightmare to assemble all those links into a useful showcase and offer useful commentary. I am hoping to pull in a lot of new viewers who haven’t seen my work before. (I may regret that.)

GNGH is two years old, IIRC, and just keeps pulling in views. I think I may have become a nude hiking guru but those views are not turning into likes and comments. Should I write a book?

A Naturist’s Adventure… is another freehiking post. But to me, it is more about the

Year to date views by tags.

landscapes and flora along the way and the joy of hiking. There’s no NSFW content in it.

WNBR-LA 2019  is from ten days ago. B2B 2019 is from May. B2B 2018 is from a year+ ago. They are all about extended legal nudity in very public places and have NSFW content. There’s a lot of interest in this apparently.

Flower Hike is my most recent and has garnered a fair number of views. I think flowers are always a bit hit but they don’t have staying power. My freehiking posts are always the most fun to do. I get to relive and share doing the happiest activity I have. If it encouraged even one person to go hiking, I’d be a BIG winner.

My “About” page has a few hits and I suspect it is fallout from the JCS post.  There’s almost nothing in it. People who go there can then conclude I’m a zero.


I’m getting most of my referrals from Google. People searching for “Nudist Angeles Crest”, no doubt. Has anyone ever considered writing posts just based on frequent search items?

But look what happened the day I agreed to do the Showcase. Maybe I need to develop a Twitter presence?

“Angeles Crest male nude” and “Fate Extra: Last Encore” were my Google search terms that day.

What I don’t see are lots of views of my anime reviews. I have far more anime related posts than any other. A large majority of my likes are for anime reviews and I have a fair number of likes on generic hiking posts. It would be good if I could bring up my anime post views to match.

Let’s look at the entire year:

On the left is the total number of views for the year. Given that this is early July, that’s a half year total. Not one single anime post made the list.

I have written the equivalent of a novel in blogs in a half year.

GNGH is still the champion while B2B 2018 (NSFW) hits number two. The B2B prelim is number 3 even though it was taken down and combined with the main B2B post. “Out of the Closet” was archived and still made the list.

In the middle is a fun chart showing the number of times a video has been viewed. I like to include short videos hosted on the WP site because I’m not yet interested in the PITA of doing Youtube or Vimeo. The slightly NSFW video of me conquering Throop Peak is far and away number one.

A quick freehiking video at the end of Piru Creek hike was number 2 and the close of Kara no Kyoukai was number three, the first time an anime showed up in my top yearly totals for anything. Bisexual Kokuto from the same post even showed up on the list. I

I know now the best time to post. Sunday evening sounds best. I believe that time is UTC and not local, so I need to allow for that.

would have bet money that Kara no Kyoukai Fighting Zombies would have been the number one video from that post but it didn’t even make the list.

On the right, we have the year’s search terms. Bay to Breakers was in both of the top two terms. Also in number 5, 8 & 9. Once again I think I should write a book.

Now here is some fun! My fanbase spans the entire globe! WP lets you see where your views are coming from.


The data goes all the way down to single views but I figured this was enough to get the gist. The one surprise I see here is that Indonesia is so high. I have one follower from there but I can’t imagine that is where all those views come from.

How am I being followed?

I have views from Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. How cool is that? I have almost conquered the Americas, all of Europe and Australia only have a section of the Mideast (Admittedly a tough nut to crack.) left to take Asia. There’s a gap in the Southwest Pacific Islands. I am weakest in Africa where I suspect internet access is scarce and there isn’t a lot of interest in anime or the nude adventures of an old white American.

Reading public, I have some questions for you:

Should I unarchive a post simply because it had a lot of views?

Should I NOT archive old posts that are weak in views or likes?

Do I need to worry about NSFW posts scaring away some viewers?

How do I generate more interest in anime posts?

Ought I look into search engine optimization? Has it worked for you?

Tell me about what discoveries the WP stats page revealed to you about your blog. If you haven’t plumbed its depths, you really should!

May-June 2018 had a lot of views. Those were various posts about legal nude activities in very public places. This year, not so much interest.