I was watching Cloverfield with my wife when I finally gave up. I’m sorry but I hate that style of “found footage” cinematography. Asking me to believe some guy with a pocket camcorder is running around with them, documenting their every move, is more difficult than asking me to believe NYC was attacked by a kaiju that was invulnerable to conventional weapons.

Should have either brought in the Avengers (or the Fantastic 4) or hit it with a very low yield tactical nuke. Maybe someday I’ll do a blog about nuclear weapons.

I also hated The Blair Witch Project and was happy when they all died. I want my characters to behave with a minimum of intelligence. Save that style of video for backstage at a concert or something similar. Then it actually works for me.

Looks just like a Les Miserables poster

If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord: I’m getting irritated at Dale’s overacting. I hate it when characters overact their emotions to the point of idiocy. I get the new daddy thing. I’ve been one a couple times myself and little children have always had the ability to melt my heart, even as a teenager. Every man’s child is the most adorable child in the world and adoption shouldn’t change that. But Dale’s behavior is so absurd it destroys the vibe. He’s no longer a character, he’s a caricature.

Let’s not forget he is also a ruthless assassin for hire. I imagine he’s going to kill some of her family members and then there will be little girl hell to pay. Maybe even a guilty conscience.

One thing I am not picking up the slightest vibe of is the notion some people have advanced that this is all subtext for grooming the girl as a future molestation target. Take your goggles off. If your mind is going there you need to seriously reassess your fundamental assumptions about parent-child relationships.

It is also why I hate the pigheaded demon slayer and the clown in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. It is fine to have characters2019-07-21_0-41-41 that are pig-headed or who tend to act without thought. Or characters who are fearful or fall too easily for a pretty face. But damn! The orange clown and the boar’s head are so irritating and obnoxious as to make me not want to watch the show.

2019-07-21_0-40-25I’m not excited at the thought of having to wait for their character arcs to make them less nauseating. Fortunately the stupid has been toned down for this latest confrontation with a demon family.  Episode 16 features the fear generated by extreme spousal abuse.

Nezuko doesn’t do anything but stay in the box. This is night. She ought to be free to move around. How can she tolerate being slammed around inside that box? Wouldn’t Tanjiro be able to fight better without the weight and size of the box hampering his mobility? Get rid of the ^%$#@! muzzle already. It’s only purpose is to hang a scarlet letter on her.

2019-07-21_0-36-15 Fairy Tail: August v. Gildarts and Cana is quite the battle. August is unclear how Zeref can not love his own child. Yup, that little 13 yo body of Mavis got knocked up by Zeref. (At least she was chronologically much older than that.) Zeref seems to be having anger management issues right now. He’s enjoying the fight with Natsu way too much.

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks (Okaasan Online) is

A true MILF

looking kind of odd but potentially interesting. If nothing else, there is outstanding fanservice. This one is full of  mother tropes and incest subtext.

Masato and Mamako. A perfect couple?

The animation is OK with lots of bright sharp colors. One issue is that Mom looks just too young and gorgeous, young enough that she’d be a believable older sister or even a gf – but I guess that’s an Important Plot Element. Next issue is that mom is played as a complete ditz who knows very little but housewifery, not exactly kireina josie – probably another Important Plot Element.  Son resists her efforts to show affection and help him.

Also, they leave out the part that she is constantly getting hit on by younger guys who don’t realize how old she is. (The age would never have mattered to me…) That’s what is really getting Masato ticked off.

He really does love her but he doesn’t want to be smothered.

Mamako dotes on her son to the point of embarrassing him. (Mamako translates into stepchild in English. Interesting. Or it could just be a play on the English word mama for mother?)  She isn’t a bad mom trying to make him miserable, just a well-meaning helicopter mom with absolute total unconditional love for her little boy and no understanding of personal space. He acts annoyed well beyond anything she deserves – just like many angsty teenagers do every day. It could be kind of off-beat fun or it could become boring and cliche-ridden very quickly.

They’ve been sucked into an MMMMMPORG and moms just happen to be the most powerful pieces on the board. We’ll get to the notion that all that power can be corrupting later.


She is swinging the holy sword of Mother Earth and the holy sword of Mother Sea. What else would a mother fight with? OTOH, he is completely lame. He manages to knock down a flying jiggly puff with his first attack.

Wise, talking about the schism between her and her own mother.

In the end, I can only assume he will learn to appreciate his mother instead of acting like a total twit towards her.

Along the way, they pick up a red-headed tsundere named Wise whose magic isn’t quite up to her claims and a cute little kid named Porta (very descriptive) who can’t fight but has a bag of holding and lots of items. I predict Masato and the girl, Wise, will fall for each other

Wise, having a prickly personality and a flat chest (as opposed to Mom’s ample cleavage and infinite affection) is obviously the anti-Mamako. She has serious mom problems. This is her major problem since the only way out from the game is to become closer to your mom. Maybe, just maybe, the show is trying to communicate Masato breaking free of his mother for another woman?

Stolen from Karandi, Twitter.

You get the sense that Mamako’s only sense of self-worth is as a mother and she does not want her son to run off with another woman and leave her alone. During the interviews for team members, she picks the young Porta as his “bride”. That wasn’t a slip of the tongue. That was her setting him up with a “partner” that couldn’t take him away from her.

I get what they want to do. Embarrass the kid by filling his life with Mommy’s fan service while filling a niche for incest/MILF fantasy, followed with a new gf and a life lesson. How boring! Tho they do this quite vigorously. A slime monster melts off Mom’s clothes – but not his. (How sexist!) and he falls face-first into her boobs repeatedly and has a difficult time getting up because she is so slippery.

She destroys the monster and positively glows from the experience. It would be quite neat to have a literally “glowing” mother.

Masato isn’t at all interested in incest. He wants freedom. What Mamako wants is love and affection, storgē and not Éros. However, the fan service is very incesty if that is what you want. You can decide for yourself whether there is a serious squick factor here. I don’t take it literally From my POV, it is just lights flashing on a monitor so the plot can go wherever it goes as long as it is interesting.

Now that’s a beautiful older woman!

With just a little tweaking, this could have been a much better anime. How much better it would be if she actually looked like an attractive 40-year-old woman!  Let’s give her a more mature personality. Someone who has hit a few bumps on the road and learned to bounce with them.

Personally, I think the anime would be a lot more fun and subversive to have someone that at least looks and acts the part and not an exaggerated MILF trope. And no bizarre clothed son on top of wet and naked Mom with his face bouncing in her boobies scene.

But people who design seasonal anime often just put together a shopping list of tropes they want to hit, some cute character designs they know will be popular and then generate the plot to satisfy a particular demographic. They aren’t trying to create a good anime, they are ticking off the boxes on a list to satisfy a particular viewership.

This target viewership is male teenagers to early 20s. (No surprise here.) The trope isn’t I want to have sex with my mom (that number would be microscopic) but rather I want to have sex with Masato’s mom.  The “Stacy’s Mom” trope. When I was a horny young boy, I felt that way about a couple of other kid’s moms and a few teachers. That’s not a strange thing at all. (There was a scene in one ep. of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Xander is having wild fantasies about Buffy’s mom. I know I’m not alone.)

Now, this looks like a little heathier realationship! 🙂

Still waiting on episode 4 of  Are You Lost? and hoping someone’s character develops.

Aside from new stuff, I’m watching Netflix Neon Genesis: Evangelion (third time is a charm?), and A Place Further Than the Universe. I keep thinking about Stein’s Gate Zero and maybe trying to finish Happy Sugar Life. Maybe I’ll start up on Vineland Saga eventually.

Compared to some of you, I’m hardly watching anything.