It is a normal morning in the Katsuragi Household. Shinji eats his toast. Pen Pen tosses back a fish, and Misato goes thru her morning routine.

Nothing like beer for breakfast.

As his official guardian, Misato has to go to school that day for Shinji’s career counseling . She says it is OK because it is “part of the job”  but that really isn’t what he wanted to hear. He interprets it to be something she has to do for NERV, and not part of the job of being a mother. But mother isn’t in her tool kit. Misato can be sexual, Misato can be Captain Katsuragi or Misato can be carefree singleton but long term personal commitment isn’t something she knows how to do.

However, Shinji has adopted her as a mother figure, however dysfunctional. When his friends come to meet him or she arrives at school… Does any teenage boy want his classmates looking at his mother that way?

He’s learned to deal with having her burp after breakfast or wander around looking for her bra and panties with a beer in her hand but please don’t answer the door that way.

Cut to the NERV center. Capt. Kitsuragi, Dr. Akagi and Shinji are going down an escalator. Shinji is getting the “real” story behind the Second Impact from Akagi. As she lays on the new version of events there is a sudden gust of wind that causes Misato discomfort. That’s anime speak for: The story behind the cover story is just another cover.

Ritsuko lost her father in Antarctica. So did Misato. They became friends in college. But Ritsuko knows more than she is telling. Much more.

Misato and Dr. Ritsuko Akagi get called to a demonstration of a competing mecha for the vlcsnap-2019-07-26-17h35m19s760EVA units. Ritsuku asks a few inconvenient questions but her concern is blown off by the PR flak consortium behind it. Everything is accounted for and nothing can go wrong.

When you hear that statement it is a cue for vlcsnap-2019-07-26-17h39m09s006destruction on a massive scale.

Everything goes wrong. They lose control of the giant robot and it goes for a walk right thru the viewing center and heads off to populated areas. The reactor starts to go critical. Misato has Shinji and Unit 01 sent out on a wild gamble to stop it vlcsnap-2019-07-26-17h49m54s144from melting down. After every effort has failed right up to Misato trying to push them in by muscle, at the last minute the control rods finally reenter the reactor and the robot stops walking.

Misato simply said to Shinji that she had external help.  What she meant was that she suspected NERV had put a virus in the software to sabotage the product and it shut the whole thing down at the last minute. Later it is revealed that everything went exactly according to plan except for the unexpected actions of Captain Katsuragi .

Ikari and NERV win again.