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This is it! We have a heck of a collection of submissions this time. My comments will be briefer than I had planned, else this would be the only thing I did for the entire month.

So many pages, so little time!

Have you ever considered how difficult it is to read 23 blog posts and come up with a snappy plug about each one? Not something I could do in an 8 hour day with no distractions. And I have many distractions.

Instead of writing blurbs to describe each post, I figured I’d let the authors describe them with quotes from their texts. That way I can be lazy and not risk getting skewered for misinterpreting what somebody else wrote.

The Infinite Zenith
The Infinite Zenith has a post about Ka-on

When she enters high school, Yui Hirasawa struggles to decide on which club she ought to join. Meanwhile, Ritsu Tainaka and Mio Akiyama strive to find members to save Sakuragaoka High School’s light music club from being disbanded. Managing to recruit keyboard player Tsumugi Kotobuki, the club also convinces Yui to join. From picking up a guitar for the first time to learning chords, Yui settles into life with the light music club…

Kawaiipaperpandas has a chat about queer respresentation in amine.

LGBTQAI+ representation in anime/manga is utterly important and something we need to see more of in the industry. Sure, we have some great queer anime out there already but that isn’t enough. I want people to know that hetero-normative relationships aren’t the only relationships that matter. Representation matters. Queer people/relationships matter. You and your sexuality, whatever it may be, matters.

Into the Woods
Jon Spencer Reviews decides to enter his post on Into the Woods…  – A solo role-playing game he made!

2019-07-12_15-06-23I’ve already announced this on Twitter, but I figured I should make a formal announcement here. Into the Woods… is a solo role-playing game I created in a one month time period for the Never Alone Jam on This was something I did mostly for fun, but I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could create a fun and engaging role-playing experience for one. So, what exactly is this game?

Karandi discusses The Promised Neverland in her blog, 100 Word anime.

Where do you even start with The Promised Neverland?2019-07-12_15-09-41.jpg

As a viewing experience it is an extraordinary roller coster of emotional highs and lows, of fearing for the safety of characters, of being annoyed at times by the distractions of minor characters or plot points, but ultimately it is a viewing experience that makes you glad that you gave this anime the time.




Did The Promised Neverland sneak in a secret theme amidst all the mind games and demons?

Galvanic Media is an Internet-based collaboration group that produces a variety of content for the consumption of the geek in us all. We write reviews, create the occasional webcomic, and produce web shows.


Edited by contributor MIB, this is a showreel of the fun, thrills, entertainment and education provided by RentaDinosaur, featuring their family of dinosaurs big and small!

To learn more about RentaDinosaur visit or on Facebook

I want to rent a full sized Apatosaurus.

Anime Hajime Review Usagi Drop
Odyssey reviews in Anime Hajime Review: Usagi Drop

While attending his Grandfather’s funeral, Daikichi meets a quiet little girl named Rin (voiced by Ayu Matsuura). There is a great amount of awkwardness surrounding her and Daikichi is shocked to learn six-year-old Rin is actually his grandfather’s daughter. Given the circumstances, Daikichi’s family isn’t sure what to do.

However, while everyone else sees a problem, all Daikichi can see is a young child who has just lost the person she held most dear.


Lynn and Dewbond discuss the manga, Parallel Paradise

Well, you’re in for a real treat today as I’m joined by Dewbond from the Shallow Dives in Anime blog so that we can discuss the manga series Parallel Paradise. As of the time we had this discussion there were seventy-two chapters. With the formatting of this post it is best viewed directly on the website – Click here! Anyhow, we end up talking for quite a while, so I’ll cut this introduction here and get straight into it.

Megan of Nerd Rambles has an open blog about vulnerability for the OWLS Tour

When it comes to these Tours I tend to either spend days trying to come up with an interesting angle on the prompt or I get stuck with an idea faster than Zeuz’s lighting blot seconds after reading it.

When I think of vulnerability, two versions pop into my head. It can be a weakness of course but more often I see it as a strength. When folks show vulnerability by opening up about their pain whether it’s in their past or struggles they are currently fighting they can help others heal and remind them that they are not alone.

Average Joe Reviews
Average Joe Reviews come up with some monstrous tanka

Born of arrogance,

Exist through fear and terror,

Our wings bring down worlds,

The one sent to wipe us out,

He shall collapse by out hand.

Context: This tanka reflects the origins of Gyaos in the trilogy as well as its place as Gamera’s arch nemesis among the other kaiju. Gyaos was created when the people of Atlantis found a way to create life, and the result was Gyaos. For their arrogance and attempts at playing God, the Gyaos destroyed Atlantis and turned it into the myth it is today. The Gyaos are bron with 2 goals in mind, to expand across the world and to kill Gamera, a true testament to their place as his nemesis.

Mechanical Anime Reviews
Mel of Mechanical Anime reviews talks about the many incarnations of the villain Freiza

So let’s talk Freiza. In Dragon Ball Z, he is the most iconic villain of that show. Don’t even question it or even say it was Cell. Cell was awesome, but there is a reason why Freiza was brought back in Dragon Ball Super instead. He’s powerful, had a strange subversive size from what you would expect from a menacing villain at first, owned a galactic space empire with millions upon millions of servants under his control, and mostly importantly, was the sole cause for Dragon Ball to happen in the first place. If Freiza didn’t destroy the Saiyan home world Vegeta on a whim, then Goku would never have been sent to Earth.

Animanga Spellbook
In “Publisher’s Digest”, the who and how of publishing manga is discussed.

2019-07-12_15-45-53Volunteering at a manga library has its perks, y’know. One of the weirdest perks is being able to memorise the publication companies for manga you might never read…

The one massive undertaking I’ve done by volunteering at the manga library is cleaning up the database and one of the sections of said database requires the publisher, which is not a topic I see being tackled very often when it comes to manga blogging circles…probably because it’s too high up in the hierarchy of the business for common manga-reading folk to care. So, let’s see what I can do in that regard…

Sir Meliodas was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award and decided to submit that for his entry.

What Made You Want To Start A Blog

Ever since I was in high school, my friends and I, well those of them who watched anime, loved to discuss episodes of our favorite series on a daily basis. When I went to college however, I didn’t make friends right away, even those I managed to befriend did not watch anime. So all of the conversations that I was naturally dying to have after a good, strong episode of my favorite series, I just kept them to myself. Until…

It’s An Anime Thing blogs about “The 4-koma That Stole My Heart”. 

When I’d stumbled onto this manga by some strike of chance, I was immediately turned off by the amount of chapters. 800-something chapters jeez!

But then I’d read the summary. It wasn’t particularly special in my opinion, but it did interest me enough to at least read the first chapter. I’m a low-key sucker for romance though I wouldn’t care to admit it. Add the words “childhood friends” and I’m hooked on a little more…

This was actually the first four-panel-chapter manga series I’d read, so I was a little freaked out when I’d realized I’d already binged the first hundred chapters in the first day. The pureness, the hilarious scenes between the characters, the romance. I just couldn’t put it down!

High School DXD first arc is explored 

Fuck, it’s good to be back.

That was my feeling the moment I started watching the first six episodes of High School DxD. After almost three years since I first loaded this show up, I’ve come back to the anime that (along with ReZero) brought me back into the genre. I’m six episodes in and it’s been a wonderful ride. Expect more text than pictures this time, I got a lot to get through. Let’s get into the series and it’s first story arc “The Raynare Arc” after the cut.


Mel in Anime Land discusses the vulnerability of Boromir in the LOTR trilogy in an OWLS post.

OWLS TOUR | He Only Wanted to Protect his People


By the title you might not have a idea which direction I’m gonna take, unless you watched the movie I choose as topic a countless time (or you are part of the OWLS and have access to the twitter owls chat or the sign-up cheat), without further ado, let’s present you what I picked for this OWLS post.

Lord of the Ring, more precisely Boromir, looking at it, I could probably talk about other character, but I think the eldest son of Denethor II Steward of Gondor, is a good example of what pride and the will of not showing our vulnerability and weakest can push us to do.

Scheiguy the Storytella  compares two classic personal journey anime, Violet Evergarden and A.I.C.O. Incarnation

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

While, I was on vacation, I got the opportunity to watch two different series on Netflix: Violet Evergarden and A.I.C.O Incarnation. There were a lot of good parts to both, but I would only consider one of them to be particularly good overall, that being Violet Evergarden. However, the reason why I consider Evergarden to be significantly better than Incarnation is because of the way each show handles the journey of each of its main Heroines.

One girl rewrites DBZ as a shoujo magical girl!

The idea of this project is so ridiculous and difficult that I almost didn’t know where to begin. I mean, come on, who else do you know is silly enough to attempt a re-write of the ultimate shounen fighter, Dragon Ball Z, as a shoujo of all things. It’s pretty crazy, all right, but it sounded like so much fun to combine two things I enjoy in this tongue-in-cheek fashion! I just had to make the attempt!

If Goku has to eventually become a Magical Girl Ore or Cute High Earth Defense Club member of sorts when he goes Super Saiyan, you didn’t hear it from me…

Lethargic Ramblings blogs about the anime “Hundred” as he rambles through through “40 Terrible Anime”.

When it comes to telling a good story in Anime, how important is it that said story is unique?

For a lot of viewers, perhaps even the average viewer, uniqueness is very important. After all, shouldn’t every show strive be it’s own thing and do something unique in an attempt to stand out from it’s peers?

“Derivative”. “Generic”. “Typical”.

These are words that are often used to describe Hundred, and they’re not wrong. When compared to other shows of it’s type, Hundred is far from unique and it brings very little, if anything, new to the table. It’s one of the most derivative shows I’ve watched in a long time, and pulls just about all of it’s ideas from a ton of other series that predate it.

And another Sunshine Blogger Award from Keiko’s Anime Blog

7mononoke’s questions:

1. What is your favourite colour and is there any particular reason why?

Hot pink. It’s been my favourite colour since I was little. I don’t really know the reason why I’ve always like this colour but now, it has become the colour I like to own but never wear. My go to colour for clothes and shoes is navy blue.

2. Do you have a favourite kind of wild plant, tree, or flower?

Bluebells. I find them to be really beautiful.

A Nerdy Perspective gives us his perspsective on the anime Grand Blue

Kitahara Iori is freshman in college who has just moved to the seaside town of Izu to start up his time at university. Iori has gone to live with his uncle in the town who owns a scuba diving shop in hopes that his time in university will be the best times of his life. Unfortunately, as soon as Iori arrives he is met with a bunch of drunken college hooligans who rope him into drunken antics of drinking copious amounts of alcohol along with teaching him how to scuba dive. Thankfully not at the same time. The anime follows Iori and his ridiculous group of friends as they have fun in the sun drinking, diving and enjoying student life.

Read at Night muses about the illusions and delusions of Scheduling and Blog Themes.

I mentioned this before but it wasn’t until last month where I actually sat down and really planned out a month of posts before. Usually, I’m the type to just write and post whenever I want, which has its own perks, but today I wanted to talk about my experience with scheduling. So how did things work out?

I want to say it went surprisingly well but people are always saying scheduling posts makes their lives easier so would that count as surprising?

Illusion Purple gives us his thoughts, expectations and disappointments from Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019

Hi hi. This is going to be a new thing.

I have been watching this show for years, but back then I didn’t do much blogging on gaming stuff itself so I didn’t think about writing it.

But since I have been writing and streaming games on Twitch for quite some time now, I decided to write this one down. It’s going to be a long one.

I will be covering AMD, Ubisoft, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix and Nintendo. Didn’t watch the others because I wasn’t all that interested, and watching these few conferences is enough for me to write a scroll already.


And last but not least, here’s my own contribution. Of all my June posts, this was my favorite!

“Just call me ‘D’, Ma’am.” He rides in from a desert, image distorted by the heat rippling off the ground. He is feared for his power, hated for his mixed blood ancestry, and desired for his skills as a killer: The power to slay a Noble vampire.

This is the story of Vampire Hunter D

So that is the June collection of blogggery for 2019. Stay tuned as next month Jon’s Creator Showcase continues to bring you the best blogs by the best bloggers.