Spoiled food and anime plot points up ahead!

We’re up to episode 5 on Sounan desu ka? a.k.a. Are you Lost?


There is the tiniest bit of character development. Homare is putting herself under heavy pressure to provide for the other girls. Shion is trying to help by collecting firewood but appears to be losing heart and desperately needing to be rescued. She thought she saw a ship and lit a signal fire but it was her imagination.

In order to try to make Shion feel better, Homare dives into deep water to look for turban shells.  In the process, she cuts herself on an oyster shell trying to harvest it. In the end, she just collects a bunch of Northern Pacific Sea Stars. At first, Shion is like all, “Ewww! Those aren’t turban shells.” but when she realizes Homare hurt herself to get them, she tries them and they are good.

Maybe she is just starting to realize how hard Homare is trying for her.

If I were writing the anime, this is where I’d get into treatment of a wound with a natural antibiotic. They didn’t go there but it would have been one of the most useful things they could have done. Infection can kill you much faster than starvation. She did say something about the sea stars having a natural antibiotic but only in reference to the pot they were using to cook in.

I would honestly expect the girls to be in underwear, topfree, or even without clothing much of the time They are alone on an island with a perfect climate and most of their food is in the water. I am an anomaly but what she’s wearing here doesn’t “feel” like fan service to me. Trust me, there is plenty of genuine juvenile fan service elsewhere.

And we have more clues as to where they might be. Northern Pacific sea stars, a place where there are rabbits and squirrels and sawflies and cicadas, the trees look deciduous and not tropical, and the fish are similar to those around Japan. Asuka earlier behaved rather stupidly about what she insisted was a potato. After a touch of fan service where Homare loses her patience with the girl, we discover that it was really a poisonous “Night Scented Lily“.

We have lots of clues about their approximate whereabouts if there are any amateur sleuths out there interested in solving the riddle. (This assumes the writers actually did some research.)

Homare doesn’t know how to deal with emotional stuff. Once again dad comes to the rescue.

But of course!

And will Asuka be able to deal with killing a rabbit? She had one as a pet once.


That’s it for today. Staring on Thursday I’m heading out to Indiana to visit my biological family and then to Michigan for my adoptive family. Won’t be posting anything on the blog for a week but I’ll be watching and maybe commenting on other blogs.

I hope you enjoyed Jon’s Creator Showcase published on the 30th. I just hope I haven’t messed up. This highly organized stuff is not my forte.