After seeing MIDSOMMAR in the theater, I have a few Thoughts. Bodies don’t bother me. Oh, my body bothers me, but that’s different. I’m not talking about attractiveness. I’m talking about the very idea that we have flesh instead of silicone and Botox. Wrinkles. Stretch marks. Cellulite. Sagging. Freckles. Scars. Zits. Mucus. These things don’t […]

via Bodies — Amanda M. Blake

Yeah. Maybe we think older bodies are gross because we know that is what someday we will become. We fear the inevitable future. We work desperately to keep the natural progression of age hidden. When confronted by the reality of aging, we don’t deal well.


Not just old age. Even ordinary middle-aged bodies are deemed repulsive in an era when being lean and muscular and perfectly proportioned is presented as a necessity. One that even many young people cannot achieve.

Having decided that aging is gross, we modify our appearance, oftentimes with extreme effort. We are urged to fight the appearance of age in every way we can.

It is all a fool’s errand. No change of appearance can truly make you young. Your cells are the age they are, regardless of how perky your lifted breasts or how you color your hair, or what blue pill you take, or how impressive your “power suit” is. You will continue to age no matter what your effort or how thick your wallet or how much you hide it.

Endeavor to age gracefully, not to pretend to be half your age.

Taking care of yourself will help you live longer and be happier. However, nothing that matters comes of a trillion-dollar industry that both encourages and feeds off our insecurities.