OK, so I’ve been watching this 5-minute shoujo slice of life, Null and Peta, by Shin-Ei Animation. There is no manga to reference so the plot can go any way it wants. It is about an adorable little girl named Null who lost her sister Peta and created a fluffy white robot that incorporates some of her sister’s traits. (Does that make this a mecha?) The robot is physically very powerful and clueless. It blasts her across the planet and into space. It transforms into a variety of useful devices and vehicles. It force-feeds Null fried dark rice in an effort to provide optimal nutrition.

Fine. So far so good. But then I notice during the OP a rather out-of-place image.


What the f$#@! is this???

I’m not a prude of any kind and if you’ve been with my blog you know I’m a nudie myself. Heavy sigh!

This feels like the sexualization of two girls, one teen and one (the MC) even younger. It doesn’t belong there. Is it a tease to get the lolicons to watch? Yeah, the show does have has a bath scene, pretty innocent. (Doesn’t almost every anime?) That’s not what it looks like.

Oh well, gripe over. Having watched the opening once, I just skip it unless there’s an obvious change. I figure it is just a waste to see the same one-minute introduction over and over.

Null leaves even the teacher in the dust.

Unimportant characters don’t have a face, just a dark cutout with indications of features. We have managed to see exactly one other character with features at the beach during summer break. Null starts to make a friend.

Well, so far, all we know is that Null is a genius. She lives by herself in a house with a massive laboratory. She hates school, being immensely brighter than any other student and is thereby isolated. Peta can’t seem to get her there, regardless of her efforts. She can get her stranded in space in a derelict version of the ISS, she can rocket her around the world, but big sis just can’t force her to school.


And there are little hints along the way that all is not what it seems. Only up to episode 7 so far but I have a funny feeling this show is going produce a major surprise before it is over.