When I was very young I once heard an aphorism to the effect that if only the finest bird songs were ever sung, our mornings would be quiet and still and the forest would be an eerily silent place. I prefer the raucous noise of many voices, twittering and chirping and honking away. It is a sign of life in abundance.  One must also realize that what sounds like discordant cawing to you may be beautiful music to the ear of a raven.

Everyone has a “Stradivarius” of some kind, somewhere. Perhaps in a stringed instrument or the string of a longbow. Maybe it is the keyboard of a piano or the keyboard of a computer.  It may be the voice of an up and coming star or the voice of an aging dinosaur. Even if it doesn’t sound like much, the best instrument in the world is the one you’ve got.

Just play it!

I shall sing, sing my song
Be it right, be it wrong
In the night, in the day
Anyhow it’s out a sight

The greatest tragedy known to man is the finely-tuned instrument that is merely sitting, barely active, when instead it should be soaring to heights never seen before. It is a real shame that so much of human endeavor is bent towards the accumulation of wealth… And when the lucky few reach the pinnacle of that […]

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