Minor spoilers ahead.

Remember how I said I expected a major plot twist in Null and Peta because so far everything wasn’t adding up? There it is, in episode 11. A really powerful plot twist. Very similar to what I thought it might be.2019-12-15_21-09-37.png

This is a really adorable short anime filled with moe. It is only 6 minutes of heartwarmingness. (Is that a word?)  I recommend it to everyone.

2019-12-15_22-09-56.pngMHA started out slow this season. I didn’t mind that because I felt it was “slow” done well. However, the meeting episode didn’t go over well with me. It made no sense (to me) to have the kids there or even to have the meeting be an entire episode.

But that’s over. Now the Good Guys are on their way to rescue Eri from the dastardly Overhaul. And it looks like we’ll start getting interesting background on the other junior heroes. Last week it was Suneater’s chance to defeat his lack of confidence and to dine on the results. This week it was Red Riot’s chance to confront his 2019-12-15_21-18-07.pngfear and solidify his background. (And just maybe he has a thing for that cutie, Mina. I know I would!)

The plot device is running through a maze of a building and confronting powerful henchmen who are only meant to slow down and tire our heroes and maybe pick them off one by one. Reminds me of the final episodes of the Kyoto Arc of Ruroni Kenshin. But it is still fun.

Fate/Grand Order feels like it is in mid-arc with our protagonists essentially doing scut-work for Gilgamesh.  Go lay those bricks and find that tablet. We find that a Rin-like human shares her body with goddess of fertility Ishtar and the resulting psychology is a blend of the two. Definitely not the Big Evil.

2019-12-15_22-07-55.pngThe big news is the outfit that Ushiwakamaru wears. Her top is two flaps of something hanging loosely over her breasts. Obviously, in the anime, it serves to look sexy but still keep an all audience rating. (Dirty old man that I am, I can’t help imagining the sensations they might cause as they slide across… oh, never mind.) It doesn’t actually stay in place and she is completely unconcerned about that (Free the nipple!) but Kirishima is obviously not used to it. At least he didn’t spurt blood from his nose. Mashu might not like that.

Something about the characters and characterizations throughout the Fate franchise has me addicted. Maybe I’m still just hot for Saber.

Chihayafuru continues to roll out the magic that makes it the best anime currently running and the best sports anime ever for me.


Taichi and Chihaya flirted via a high-intensity Karuta game and she still beat his best efforts, winning the Yoshino Tournament. Her finger is nicely healed. Chihaya then went on her class trip rather the go to the East/West qualifiers for the Queen Tournament. It was something she didn’t want to miss. Perhaps she is realizing that not all life is Karuta and happiness can also be found in friendship.


The last two episodes focused on Taichi and Arata and their battles in the East-West Qualifier tournament. Taichi had been scheduled to go on the mandatory class trips but claimed an illness so as not to go. Instead, he went to the tournament. With Chihaya absent, the two boys fought vigorous battles in their separate divisions. Watch the anime and see who wins the tournament!