I’ve written about the fact that the period between my birthday on December 18th through Christmas is not my favorite time of year. Soon I’ll have more to offer on the topic of family. I wish I could say it will be happy stuff. So tonight – Christmas Eve – I reflect on my families […]

via Choosing Family — Wild Sensibility

I literally have two families, an adopted family, and a biological family. My adopted family wasn’t able to give me what I needed to thrive and obviously my biological family couldn’t be there. Dogs were there for me throughout my childhood to relate to and provide support when there was nobody else.

I created my own family, first of war and FRP gamers, later with a wife and 2 children. Today that also includes 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a desert tortoise. It is far more satisfying than either of my original families. Now all of my immediate adopted family is dead and the survivors of my biological family are far far away.

If you discover you are alone, find people like yourself, who share your interests, and who may understand your life a bit better than the ones you were born with. The internet makes this far easier than when I was young. Make them your new family because, even for loners like me, family is important.