Kind of a wonk post about Google and its search performance statistics.

I got this email from Google yesterday. I’ve never gotten an email from Google about my search performance on Google and I’ve been blogging for two and a half years now. Now suddenly I have a wad of information about how it performed in December of 2019.

Some definitions. An impression means someone did a search and my site showed up in the results. A click obviously means someone clicked and got delivered to it.

Here’s more interesting stuff. CTR is the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click. The top box is for web page searches, then lower left is image searches and lower right is video searches.

There is some useful information here. More people are searching from mobile devices than PCs or tablets. That indicates I probably need to change my layout to be more friendly to smartphones. I do all my layout on a PC with a horizontal monitor and really don’t think about smaller verticle screens.

My search placement when I do get found isn’t horrible for pages but it is abysmal for images. I really ought to name my images with a term relevant to the subject of the post. I have too few video clicks to be statistically meaningful but I would assume the same principle would apply. Having descriptive names and associated text would probably also increase the click-thru rate.

I seem to get most searches from the US, with Canada and France way down there.

There’s a lot more data if you drill down a bit. Like all those unknown search terms that never show up on the WP stats page. Here are some strange and sometimes disturbing searches that found my blog. This was in

garden of words pedophilia
march comes in like a lion porn
march comes in like a lion kyouko death
attack on titan big mouth
bloom into you hentai
chihayafuru nude
kara no kyoukai rape scene
warrior poet sportfishing
shoutacon hentai
is misato a pedophile
nude young anime
outdoor co-ed topless pulp fiction appreciation society manga
naturist incest
flcl nude
young nude anime girls
yagate kimi ni naru hentai
mamako incest
hightide piss
seawater enema
irina’s grooming – sorry Irina!
nipple anime

And a surprising number of searches in kanji. There were over 550 different searches.

There is a lot more info there. Google Analytics is pretty interesting.