I can be fairly comfortable about being a somewhat public nudist. My wife doesn’t object. The laws in LA City/County aren’t particularly severe. I have legal and legitimate outlets outside the confines of a resort. There’s enough population base for there to be other nudie types to associate with and the people are a bit more tolerant. What generates outrage in a conservative area usually only sees amusement in the liberal big city. I have the wilderness to retreat to.

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Public Nudist

The most I risk is social rejection from people I hardly know. And I’m glad. I’m retired. My oldest child graduated college 3 years ago. Some would have to worry about employment or repercussions on their children.

Most importantly is that I’m not female. For a woman to be so honest about her body creates a risky situation. If I were female and doing this, I could be assured of innumerable crass sexual comments and the measurable risk of a stalker. The tiny but non-zero chance of a sociopath deciding to make me a target would never leave the back of my mind, so I’d double down on security and anonymity.

I’d love to just live my life exactly as I wish without someone attacking nudists for perversion or being a danger to children or sexually aggressive. I can’t. I am restricted. The vestiges of the closet remain. Not nearly as bad as it once was but there’s still an immense pool of hostility out there.

My Asperger’s is another sore point. People don’t understand and make assumptions about me that aren’t true. Life goes on.

There are a lot of other people who feel the same hostility for what makes them unique.

Freedom never comes easily. Or as Thomas Paine put it, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.” And as insignificant as the liberty to be nude seems in the grand scheme of life, it is a part of the greater freedom to be simply who you are.

You can’t pick apart the rights of different physical appearances from different genders from different sexual preferences from different neurodiversities from different religions from different political beliefs and different lifestyles without weakening the principles of equality, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Discrimination against someone else discredits your claim to your own liberty.  Freedom for people who aren’t like me is what has to be defended, not just freedom for people I am comfortable with.  To me, it feels like something very much worth fighting for.

The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist – Naked Nomad

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