COVID-19 Fauci

According to Gavin Newsom, our glorious CA Governor, I am supposed to go into self-imposed isolation.  City of LA has shut down all entertainment venues and gyms. Restaurants are only allowed takeout meals. The courts are shut down. Most nonessential government functions are closed.

My show is on indefinite hold and may not be resurrected for a long time. Boohoo! In the current state of affairs, barely a blip on my radar. I expect a big increase in social media usage – as if it weren’t already the dominant mode of relating.

Airport workers and police have tested positive. There are long lines of people crowded together in those airports. People returning from foreign destinations have to have their temperatures taken and that slows everything down.

Schools are shut down and are attempting distance learning and homeschooling. God only knows what is happening to young children in two-income families. Stay at home moms have found an unexpected revenue source but those impromptu daycare centers can have their problems. Businesses that can do so are allowing work-from-home. The airlines are considering shutting down. We are supposed to avoid public groups larger than 10 people.

Canada has closed its border and so has the EU.  Idris Elba, The Candian PM’s wife  Sophie Trudeau, and Tom Hanks have all tested positive.

The Dow Jones is in free fall. That doesn’t bother me too much as I’m not into using my 401K. The market will bounce back. Whatever cash balance I have will need to get invested when I think it hits bottom.

Of course, I’ve come down with a sore throat. Sore throat isn’t a coronavirus symptom but it is a pain in the neck. Weeks of cold rainy weather and more rain ahead have ended this year’s drought but also kept me from hiking. I’m already in isolation. It could be July before this burns itself out.

On the good side, we are finally spooling up the production of tests. They will be coming out by the millions very soon. A prospective vaccine is already in preclinical trials. The first vaccine was delivered at a Kaiser in Seattle today but it will take many months before it is ready for general use. State and local governments are finally starting to take this thing seriously. Social distancing only works if you start it before the virus becomes too widespread.

There is nothing for the people to do but carry on with precautions in place. Hunker down for a few months. We will learn to live with a new normal. It may never return to the old days. We may not want it to.

Anthony Fauci for president! Deborah Birx too!

COVID-19 Birx