Dispatches_from_ElsewhereIf you were going to watch any show on cable this year, I’d recommend Dispatches from Elsewhere on AMC.

Four people get involved in a mysterious game. They follow clues left for them across the city to solve mysteries.

Each of the four is a misfit. None belong to normal society. Peter is a boring data manager at a music company that hasn’t felt anything strongly in his adult life. Simone is apparently an unhappy woman but to me, her gender is not clear and that is a part of her despair. Fredwynn is an obsessed hyper-genius investigating the global plot by the uber-rich to control the world. Janice is a 70-year-old woman (played by Sally Field!) whose comfortable world no longer exists. Her husband stroked and is now a near-vegetable who she cares for at home.


The narrator and host of the show is Octavio Coleman, Esq. the director of the Jejune Institute. (The Jejune Institute is based on “The Institute” an alternate-reality style game in San Francisco.) Opposing them (or maybe not???) is the Elsewhere Society, a group of radicals.  We don’t really know what the game is about.

Octavio invites us to imagine ourselves as each of the main characters and gives us a brief description of them.  The clues become more devious and the nature of reality is tested. The purpose of the game is to find the elusive Clara.

I am addicted.