I can’t get enough of this. I’ve always wanted to do Naked and Afraid. I periodically have to empty out my bucket list because its full of things that are no longer possible. This is one of those bucket list items that got emptied out.

Outside’s Blair Braverman got to actually do it. She has a long and detailed writeup here.

Everything on Naked and Afraid is Real and I Lived It

It was almost funny to picture myself as a stranger would see me on TV. I’d be a topic, not a person anymore. The audience was fake to me, and I was fake to it.

Slowly, my heart racing, I bent down to unbuckle my sandals. I’d gotten my toenails painted pink during a layover in Chicago, a gel pedicure, and they shone in the sunlight. The dirt was hot under my bare feet.

I pulled my dress over my head and folded it carefully on the truck bed.

Bra or underwear first? I caught the driver’s eye in the rear view mirror. He looked away.

All the cameras staring.

I took off my bra. Deep breath. Stepped out of my underwear.

Here I was, naked.

“Great!” said Rachel. “Now put it all back on, and we’ll film from a different angle.”

Screenshot_2020-03-29 Naked and Very, Very Afraid