I’m completely lost right now as far as writing goes. The anime I watched have all been written about by others in a much better fashion than I could. Chihayafuru, MHA, Fate/Grand Order, Magia Record, Scientific Railgun, Eizouken, even Heya Camp. All great anime and I haven’t a clue what to say that hasn’t already been said. Except that Magia Record would do very well with psychedelic substances.

I have been watching Kyousougiga. That’s another one that could be fun with psychedelic substances.

I’m also watching Serial Experiments Lain, which ranks right up there with Evangelion for incomprehensibility.  I really do need to finish off Eva but it will take at least two more posts. Slowly wading through Kill la Kill and Promised Neverland. Yup, I skipped PN when it was originally showing.  The premise was just too depressing. I do that sometimes.

But between Crow and Irina, at the time I felt like I never needed to actually see it.

I ought to be writing new scenes for my play. I ought to be rehearsing what I have. I sit down at the keyboard and everything I feel like saying is either trite or obvious or Too Much Information. My entire life is boring and nobody would be interested in it. I can’t act. Nobody wants to see me on a stage. Waste of time and money.

I did a hike Tuesday. I drove around a bit. There was less traffic than usual, there were fewer cars in the parking lots but people were still out and about. The Pacific Crest Trail passes about 20 miles north of my home. It intersects a half dozen roads. Usually, you never see anyone. Today there were two cars at the trailhead I visited.

The ground was carpeted with miner’s lettuce in bloom. Everywhere you looked, Conjoined green leaves around the stem with tiny white flowers coming out of their middles. Chamise at the lower level, manzanita and hoary ceanothus higher up. It was pretty.

I went uptrail and passed a lady coming back with her two dogs. She sat down on one side, I moved to the opposite side and all was well. Social distance was maintained. I went uphill a couple miles and came back. On my return, I passed two groups coming up. Neither one budged the slightest from the center of the trail. I had to climb up the side of the hill to try to get far enough away for two paces. There were now 6 other cars at the trailhead.

Maybe I’ll crawl back under my rock. I’m suffering from brain rot.