I have to confess. I have become a binge-watcher since this COVID-19 mess has erupted.

I binged all 3 seasons of Overlord in one and a half days. Kyousougiga was easy. Kill la Kill and Promised Neverland were one day each. Serial Experiments Lain is taking longer. I have put on 5 lbs since this shelter in pace requirement started.

Our protagonist’s name was Momonga. Originally he was in a DMMO-RPG called Yggdrasil but didn’t log out when the server shut down. The game didn’t end but rather his base, the Tomb of Nazarick and its inhabitants, were transferred to a new world. Now he lives in his character, a vastly overpowered skeleton which he has decided to name Ainz Ooal Gown after a magic staff he and other previous game players assembled.

Ainz hovering above the Great Tomb of Nazarick, his base of operations. It is really 9 floors deep and vast in size. It is hidden by artificial terrain and concealment magic.

The world he is now in shares many of the same rules as the original game but the geography, the politics and a few of the rules are different.  There are the same NPCs created as servants. He feels no need to quit. His real-life as a minor salaryman in a dead-end position holds no interest nor any future for him. His purpose in now to spread his fame so widely across his newfound world that, should they still be in the game,  any of his other previous partners in the game will find him.

Overlord was very interesting in that it breaks a pattern for anime. The protagonist in this isekai is not a “good guy”. From what I can see, he is almost completely amoral. Once in awhile his humanity leaks thru – especially when he thinks of his fellow players. Most of the time he doesn’t feel the slightest compunction of killing vast numbers of people, even good people we’ve had our sympathies built up for.

Massacreing hundreds of thousands of soldiers with one spell.

But it makes sense. It appears he is limited in emotional response by the mechanics of the game he’s in. When it varies too much from what is allowed an undead, he glows and calms down. He also considers himself to still be in a game. It isn’t real to him. We’ve all been in role-playing games where we’ve slaughtered enemy troops in vast numbers. If it occurred to us that each of those NPCs was a father with a spouse and children at home or a beloved offspring or sibling with family who needs them,  we wouldn’t be so cavalier about it.


Albedo, his very sexy number two, is extremely seductive.  She competes for his affection with Shalltear Bloodfallen, a cute vampire. He doesn’t respond because he rewrote her character at the beginning of the show to be in love with him. Taking advantage of someone who lacked free will in that way feels too “wrong” to him. Another sign that his human self is still there at some level.

One can only wonder how he would fulfill the temptation if he wanted to. He’s just a skeleton. He doesn’t have flesh, let alone genitalia. Maybe he’d bring new meaning to the concept of having a boner.

Ainz play-acting as the adventurer Momon