The shame of it all! I just watched Rosario+Vampire season one the second time and enjoyed it.  After a while, all the panty shots blur into each other and I don’t notice them. That way they don’t irritate me anymore. An old man like me watching high school harem ecchi? That probably makes me a creep.

The bat was the best character in the show. I find Moka to be much more interesting as a vampire than in her human form. Seriously, pink-haired Moka is kinda lame.

Anyone else notice that Funimation has very slow servers? Sometimes takes several efforts to start the stream. Very frustrating!

Tenchi’s step-mother Rea and Tenchi’s half brother Kenchi. Rea is quite the waifu!

This spring I’m watching Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki season 5. Not that I have the foggiest notion of who most of these characters are. They all piled in from GXP and Geminar and from season 4. Too many to keep track of without a scorecard That’s a real problem in anime. When I see a sudden dramatic increase in characters, my weak and semi-senile mind gets confused.

I’ve always had a thing for Tenchi. Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, Ai Tenchi Muyo, TM: Daughter of Darkness, Tenchi in Love, War on Geminar, GXP, I’ve seen them all and most of them twice. (That six series and two movies!) So far season 5 hasn’t interested me much but I will stick with it and hope it turns out better than the last season. Weddings are boring.

2020-04-23_15-06-00Still hanging on for Scientific Railgun T episode 13. I like the entire franchise but for my money, Railgun is better than Index. Misaka really needs to team up with Accelerator for a series. They are both heavily invested in the sister network. And I’d love to see her get a permanent bump up in power from all this.

My issue is that Misaka has always been lowballed in terms of her conflicts. She is a world-class superhero yet she never fights top-level villains. Like in the latest series, she’s just a victim to be saved.

Avoid those doom flags! I think I liked everyone better in their chibi versions.

My Life as a Villainess is off to a good start. I think they ought to have stuck with the chibis a bit longer. I suppose they have to get the arc completed by end of the season, so they can’t play around as kids forever. I see that the injury on her forehead appears gone in her older version. Doesn’t that change the entire story flow from the game?

The last show I’m watching right now is Sing Yesterday for Me. My only gripe is that there’s too much optimism.

My gosh… such a lame guy should have an incredible young woman like Haru take such an interest in him? She even has a pet crow! Her character is what makes the show for me.

OTOH, he’s pining away for a woman (Shinako) who is pining away for a dead man.

He’s right. She could. At this point, we have no idea what she sees in Rikuo. A depressed college grad working in a convenience store. Kind of reminds me of me from several decades ago.

This does not seem like a blockbuster season. I’ve been keeping myself busy by bingeing on old stuff: Kill la Kill, Inuyashiki, Serial Experiments Lain, Promised Neverland, and Overlord. That’s a lot of anime. But I have a lot of time to waste. And there is another more season of Rosario to go thru.

Inuyashiki struck close to home. Anime with baby boomer protagonists are almost2020-04-23_15-21-19 nonexistent.  The best you find are secondary characters in Chihayafuru or 3 Gatsu no Lion. (I suppose you could count Master Roshi in DBZ…)

A couple of guys get squished by a flying saucer. The aliens rebuild them, only they install a few upgrades. The old guy is a meek office worker, ignored by his coworkers, passed over by management, and pretty much irrelevant to his family. (Once again, significant similarities to me.)

The young guy has some psychopathic tendencies. The old guy wants to save the world. The young guy alternates between killing because it makes him feel alive and saving people because a girl loves him and that’s what she wants him to do. They square off.

Beware. This one could be a tear-jerker.