A few spoilers sprinkled here and there…

First… when the hell am I getting episode 2 of Tenchi Muyo, season 5? Friday the 29th! That’s a gap of a full month. And there are only 6 episodes?

Why do I think somebody screwed up?

IMHO, Tenchi Muyo Ryo Oki (and its innumerable spin-offs) is the granddaddy of all harem anime.

Our hero, Rikuo

Sing “Tomorrow” for Me  (Yesterday wo Utatte) – Lessee…  The protagonist, Rikuo, is a college grad working in a convenience store. He’s hooked on a woman (high school teacher who went to college with him)  who is still hooked on her years-ago-deceased boyfriend. He really lacks confidence and that lack of assertiveness may be what is holding him back. (Or maybe it makes him cute?)

He is interested in photography but lacks ambition. Unexpectedly, because of his second job in an art gallery, he lands a full-time position at a commercial photographic studio. Maybe he’ll pick up some self-confidence midseason from it.

His crush, Shinako

The object of his affections, Shinako, kinda, sorts maybe wants to become his significant other but she can’t get past the memories of her ex. Uh… or maybe it isn’t the old flame but some other emotional hurdle holding her back.

A teenage girl, Haru, (18, IIRC?) just shows up at the back of the convenience store where he works. She is hooked on the protagonist who is uninterested in her romantically. They met years ago and even though he didn’t remember her at first, she sure remembered him.

You sure are, Haru

Despite his claim of disinterest, she is stubborn and persists. And declares war on Shinako. Apparently the woman was her teacher at one point before she dropped out of high school?

I’d have fallen for her in a heartbeat. She has a pet crow. Nothing could be cooler than that.

Rui wants his brother’s old flame.

A teenage boy, Rui, is hooked on Shinako.  Since everyone is over 18, it can’t get too badly mired in controversy, right?. And BTW, the guy Shinako is still pining away for is the boy’s deceased older brother. But for some reason she doesn’t actively discourage him, just tries to avoid him.

It is a young adult story, officially seinen, but I think the main audience for it is josei. Having not read the manga, I can’t promise how it will end up. The entertaining part is how they will get there. So far it has been a pretty good trip. Haru, the teenage girl, is especially adorable.

The Board of Directors

Next Life as a Villainess – Every time I watch this my teeth hurt, that’s how sweet it is. 2020-05-24_22-01-11It’s also very funny.

Our Heroine gets swept into an isekai of a romance game where she’s the villainess (Katarina Claes) who is doomed to be exiled or killed. So she spends her entire life as the kindest, most compassionate person she can be to avoid all the doom flags. And takes up farming just in case she gets exiled and needs to make

tuxedo mask
Where have I seen him before? Oh yeah! It’s Tuxedo Mask!

a living. In the process, she builds up a harem of 4 guys and three girls who would do anything for her.

But now in episode 8 we go isekai squared. She and several members of her harem get sucked into a magical book in which every person gets their inner desires. Her fiance wants to make her uncomfortable in many different ways on her wedding night. (That’s weird!) Her adopted brother wants to feed her. Another guy wants to sweep her off her feet and escape into the night. Yet another guy wants to play the piano for her. The sole female swept up wants her to live with her.

And Katarina innermost desires? She’s just hungry. Where the dessert buffet?