This is Oliver and Avery. They are sporting their new driving fashion, loose-fitting and easily removed harnesses. Much nicer than their old harnesses which were their doggy backpack harnesses. I have belts with a seat belt connector on one end and a snap clip on the other so their harnesses can be anchored securely.

They are not able to climb into the front seat while I’m driving. Each has an area on their side of the car where the other cannot intrude. I can leave the windows open or open the door and they can’t jump out. In case of a sudden stop, they will not become projectiles Seat belt adaptornor risk being thrown from the car.

Do not clip your dogs’ collars to the seat belt connector. They will get tangled and choke themselves. A sudden stop will break their necks. Only a harness.

When you get out of the car, attach the leash first, then detach the seat belt. Or clip the leash onto the seat belt connector for an extra foot or two of length. I wouldn’t use this style restraint for a large dog. I would be afraid it wouldn’t hold. In that case, run the seat belt/harness through the back of the harness and clip it.